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Barcode Scanner Software

Barcode Scanner Software

PC Barcode Scanner Software

The IRISPen II is a pen sized scanner that allows you to enter data (text, numbers, bar codes and handwritten numbers) into any Windows and Mac application. What you get is real editable text, right at the cursor position.

You save time and you even enjoy that tedious data-entry. Simply slide the IRISPen over the text you want in your application!

Install the IRISPen software, connect the pen-scanner to your system and you are set to go!

Systems Requirements

For PC
- A Pentium based PC with 32 MB RAM
- 50 MB free disk space
- Win 95/98/2000/NT/ME/XP operating system
  (USB version does not run on Win 95/NT)
  (Parallel version does not run on Win XP)
- CD-ROM drive
- Free USB port
For Mac
- 36 MB free disk space
- MacOS 9.x, OS X.x and Jaguar.
- CD-ROM drive
- Free USB port for the USB version Serial Port 
  for the serial version

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