BR100 PoE Access Point Wireless Router


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ZebraNet PS4000 BR200 Wireless Access Point PoE Router

BR100 PoE Access Point Wireless Router

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BR100 PoE Access Point Wireless Router

BR100 PoE Access Point Wireless Router

The BR100 PoE access point wireless router delivers enterprise-grade routing and security in a mobile and compact device. The device comes with user-based access control, firewall policies, and additional security and RF network features that can be used without a dedicated or central network controller. The BR100 also uses cloud-based services that provide the device with a suite of advanced features at a lower cost.

When paired with the HiveManager interface software, the BR100 is set-up in one easy step. As soon as the device is plugged in and booted up, it automatically discovers HiveManager which in turn pushes the configuration settings onto the BR100. The BR100 allows a thousand remote VPNs to be run from a single location.

The BR100 supports 802.11n Wireless standards as well as multiple SSIDs and VLANs that are shared over wireless and wired interfaces. These features can be configured to meet a number of requirements like for employee access with 802.1X, or for guest access where devices need a pre-shared key. The BR100 also comes with four 10/100 Ethernet ports that can share a VLAN with wireless SSIDs and be protected with 802.1X or a Captive Web Portal.

With Aerohive’s Cloud Proxy service, traffic destined for the Internet is passed through a cloud-based security service that can help reduce bandwidth usage by removing the need to route data from branch or remote offices or mobile users to a central filtering location.


  • Layer 3 IPSec VPN allows remote users to connect to corporate networks
  • Wireless/Wired control and access centralizes network management
  • Cloud Proxy services reduces bandwidth costs
  • Network flow based stateful firewall enforces security policies and controls access permissions
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