Aruba Secure Remote Intranet Network Access


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Aruba Secure Remote Intranet Network Access

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Aruba Secure Remote Intranet Network Access

The Aruba Virtual Intranet Access agent, or VIA, provides secure remote network connectivity for Windows and Apple MacBook laptops.

A key part of the Aruba’s remote network solution portfolio, VIA is a hybrid IPsec/SSL VPN that scans network connections and automatically selects the best connection back to the corporate network.

Unlike traditional VPN software, VIA offers a zero-touch end-user experience for end and can configure wireless LAN laptop settings. For enhanced security, VIA supports Aruba’s cloud-based Content Security Service for comprehensive protection against Internet-borne threats and attacks.

VIA can be downloaded directly from the Mobility Controller or pushed out from an existing software management platform. Software and configuration updates come from the Mobility Controller with no additional hardware required.

Eliminating complicated logins, VIA automatically detects the network connection and determines if it is inside the corporate network. If not, VIA initiates an IPsec connection to the data center, making network access seamless to users, no matter where they work.

VIA Features

  • Standard IPsec secures communications between clients and Mobility Controllers.
  • The same credentials for wireless LAN authentication can be used to authenticate VIA users.
  • Ensures a consistent connection and authentication experience.
  • Uses the same role-based stateful firewall policies for local and remote access.
  • Built-in logging and diagnostics allow remote troubleshooting of connectivity issues.
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