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All Present! Conference and Event Attendance

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All Present! Conference and Event Attendance

All Present! Conference and Event Attendance

With bar-coded badges on all attendees, event organizers can easily and accurately record attendance at sessions using hand-held mobile bar code scanners. During and at the conclusion of an event, its directors will know who attended what session—and potentially even the exact time they were there! Is your medium- or large-scale event related to training or education, where you absolutely need proof of who attended in order that they be certified or accredited? Or, is it just one of those events where you would just like to know how many people attended each session?! Regardless, All Present! is the “solution-in-a-box” to register, record, track, and report on event attendees for just about any size of event.

Here's how the system works:

Use All Present! to first set up all of your sessions and events and give each one a unique description and code. That way, you'll be able to track and report right down to each specific one.

In addition to the standard info (name, organization, etc.) for each attendee, define up to three database fields you’d like to have in each attendee’s record.

All Present! Conference and Event Attendance - Badge

Enter all of your attendees’ details in All Present! Each will be automatically given a unique ID, which will be the “key” to knowing what sessions they attended.

Print out the attendees’ light cardboard badges or labels on the tag and label printer that’s the standard for All Present! Each badge will have the attendee’s name printed on it, their title and/or affiliation, along with their personal ID in both text and bar code formats.

Print a pre-session report on the tag/label printer. Each tag will detail each session’s name, time, and venue. Its code number will be printed in bar code format to make it easy to record this bit of data at the session.

Reprint any attendee badges that have a typo, or generate new badges for any late-registering attendees, as required.

Scan a session ID bar code into each scanner, so it knows what session it’s recording attendance at.

Deploy the scanners to the various event venues.

When people attend a session, the session attendant (or even the attendee themselves!) will simply scan the bar code from each badge or label. Since the scanner will read up to a few inches away from the symbol and through a clear plastic badge holder, there should be no need for the attendee to remove their badge or hand it over.

When a session is complete, use the same scanner to record attendees at another session, after scanning that next session’s ID bar code.

Got a big session to take attendance at—maybe the keynote speaker’s address? No problem! Just deploy multiple mobile scanners at the event and simultaneously record the attendance in two or more incoming streams of people.

When the conference day (or any session) is over, bring the scanners back to the main system and upload their collected data into All Present!, which will be running on a desktop or laptop PC. There, the data from multiple scanners will be merged and a number of built-in reports generated from the collected data.

Learn who registered but didn't show up at your sessions.

Learn who wasn't registered, yet did show up at a session.

Need a special report or want to crunch the collected data in an Excel spreadsheet? The database files of All Present! can be exported as .CSV (comma-separated value) files for direct import into Excel and other off-the-shelf software programs!

Versions of All Present!

All Present! Conference and Event Attendance - Barcode Scanner

Basic – Employs very inexpensive mobile bar code scanners and is suitable for occasional use. The scanners simply record the presence of each attendee at sessions.

Standard – Uses mobile scanning terminals and is suited to more regular and long-term use. The scanners have an LCD screen that can display important information to the operator.

Super – Uses mobile batch bar code scanning terminals with touch-sensitive colour LCD screens. These are capable of doing on-the-fly validation of all scans and clocking both check-in and check-out attendance times. Note that we have devised All Present! to be the basis upon which bespoke, client-specific systems can be developed. If there’s a feature or function that isn’t currently present in our product that you desire or require, we almost certainly have the ability to add it for you.

Mobile Scanners

The Basic version of All Present! uses something called a “memory scanner.” This is an ultra-simplistic device that simply scans and stores bar codes in its memory for later upload to the main system. Our economical scanner is quite tiny (a bit bigger than a 9v transistor radio battery—and half the weight!). It’s recharged via USB. Meant for occasional use, this device is considered “light-duty.”

All Present! Conference and Event Attendance - Handheld Barcode Scanner All Present! Conference and Event Attendance - Mobile Computer

On the other hand, the scanner used in the Standard version is more robust and sophisticated and is about the size of a small cellphone. It can display, on its integrated LCD screen, the last three bar codes scanned and provides the operator with a way to input unreadable bar codes via the keypad. One other feature is that the operator can display a current tally, indicating how many attendees have been scanned by the scanner at the present session. This unit has replaceable batteries and is recharged via a single-slot dock.

Finally, the scanner used in the Super version is the most versatile. Because it is an industrial-grade hand-held computer with a built-in bar code scanner, it has built-in intelligence that adds some beneficial functions to the system:

  • Because the scanner has a screen, you will always know which session you’re currently scanning for.
  • If desired, any badge scanned belonging to a person who is not registered for the current session will be indicated and not recorded.
  • The scanner will record both the in time and the out time of all attendees. If your session has some accreditation associated with it and you need to prove that someone was present for the entire session, this is the scanner and version you need!

Badge Printer

All Present! Conference and Event Attendance – Badge Printer

The All Present! badge printer uses simple and clean direct thermal tags or labels, so there’s nothing messy about them and you don’t have to worry about ink or toner. Just load the tags or labels and go!

Inexpensive rolls of standard attendee badge sized (4 X 3 inch) labels or tags are available for this printer. Your coloured logo or other pre-printed graphics can be accommodated, on special order.

Each badge is printed in 2-3 seconds and the printing process is exceptionally quiet. The printer’s footprint consumes a bit more than half that of a standard letter-sized sheet of paper.

Technical Info

All Present! installs and runs on a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 desktop or laptop PC. The badge printer requires either a parallel or USB connection. The uploading of data from any of the scanners will require an available USB port.

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