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Alchemy Print Engine

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Alchemy Print Engine

Alchemy Print Engine

Zebra’s Alchemy print engine technology enables a single printing station to provide RFID smart labels as well as conventional barcode label printing on demand without requiring the user to stop operations to change label material. Integrated formatting software provides management for the entire printing process, allowing for convenient, quick printing operation. Alchemy offers an ideal solution to applications that must support “EPC™-compatible” smart labelling as well as traditional barcode printing.

Smart label printers normally utilize specialty media with RFID inlays that are layered in the label stock when the conversion process is underway. An RFID transponder is included in every label, which is encoded during the printing process. Converting the smart label inlays into printer stock is a costly process, making the total cost of smart labels often more expensive than the chip itself! The Alchemy Print Engine has found a way around this expensive process, allowing for more affordable smart labels to be printed.

With Zebra’s Alchemy Print Engine, companies can select the label material of their choice in order to create a smart label. To make this possible, the Alchemy print engine encodes an RFID inlay separately from the label and then bonds it with the label after the label has been printed. By using this two-step process, it eliminates the need to purchase costly specialty media. With this system, you control which labels will have RFID inlays integrated and which will not, meaning no inlays are wasted on labels that do not need RFID functionality.

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