AT20Q Barcode Scanner


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AT20Q Barcode Scanner

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AT20Q Barcode Scanner

AT20Q Barcode Scanner

The At20Q features a high speed shutter which means that operation will not be affected by camera shake. The device also features a wide angle of scanning and improved readability which allows the device to read wide barcodes commonly used for medical bills, public utility bills and more. It also has an improved resolution and the engine enables a resolution of 1.25mm for 1D barcodes and a 0.167mm resolution for 2D codes. On top of this, the device can also read multi-row barcodes for up to three rows that are commonly found on books.

The AT20Q also is able to take pictures which enables workers to read small characters on labels. The function is particularly useful in transportation and logistics industries that deal with bills.

The AT20Q also features a lightweight design, weighing in at just 110 grams and in addition to this, it is made of with impact buffer materials and highly durable casing to insure that the device remains rugged. It is able to withstand a drop from 2 meters as well as resisting 100,000 drops from 20 cm.

As an option, there is a hands-free stand on which the scanner can be mounted for scanning. While mounted, you can use the scanner you can use the AT20Qs automatic detection feature which detects once a label has been placed into view and automatically begins to scan it. This means that you can have true hands free scanning, increasing work flow and efficiency.

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