A799 Point of Sale Printer


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A798 Value Point of Sale Printer Advantage LX Industrial Grade Desktop Printers

A799 Point of Sale Printer

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A799 Point of Sale Printer
A799 Point of Sale Printer

The A799 point of sale printer was specifically designed for distributors and resellers. Cognitive TPG delivers a modular designed printer which is easy to configure and improves delivery times. It is a reliable printer, backed by warranty, which features industry leading printing speeds of 250 mm per second. The A799 is shipped with Receiptware™ marketing software in order to extend the capabilities of the printer.

Product Features

  • Printing speed of 250 mm/second
  • Monochrome or two colour thermal printing
  • Various interfacing options (USB and Serial (dual), Parallel, Serial, Powered USB, and Ethernet)
  • Built in drainage system and liquid dam to prevent damages to printer mechanisms
  • Steel modular frame for extra strength and faster delivery
  • Unsurpassed reliability with 60 printlines and 2.3 million knife cuts
  • 3 year warranty
  • WEEE and RoHS compliance (USB and Serial units)
  • Mulitple colours – Dark Gray, Black, Beige
  • Compact design – 144mm x 185 mm (5.6 in x 7.25 in)
  • Customer loyalty marketing software shipped with printer


  • Best in class printing speeds (250 mm/sec)
  • Reliable, rugged design
  • Flexible modular configuration allowing for faster delivery times and reduced costs
  • Designed for POS applications
  • Simple to install and use
  • Enhances marketing and customer loyalty systems – Receiptware™ Receipt Marketing Management is shipped with every printer which allows you to turn receipts into promotional tools and enables you to print logos, watermarks, promotions, etc. onto receipts
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