A62M Long-Range CCD Scan Module


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A62M Long-Range CCD Scan Module

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A62M Long-Range CCD Scan Module

A62M Long-Range CCD Scan Module

The Alpha-62M series of fixed CCD scan modules from Zebex offer an ultra-small package without compromising performance. Equipped with an ultra-short focal length optic system and high density 3000 pixel 7*200 micro meter CCD array, the A62M provides an easy to integrate, high performance embedded scanning solution.

Compatibility with popular interfacing methods, including keyboard wedge, RS232C series wand emulator, C-MOS series, etc., allows for easy integration into a variety of applications. The scanner’s interfacing capabilities can be changed by simply replacing the cable and reconfiguring the device to fit a specific communication set up.


  • Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)
  • Assemble line and printing machines
  • Price Checking


  • Superior scanning performance; 2,048 pixel CCD provides a 200 scans per second scan rate for accurate and fast reading
  • Compact, modular design allows for simple integration into new equipment
  • Variety of interfacing methods, including RS232C, keyboard, and wand
  • Superior optics provide a minimum guaranteed resolution of 0.1mm
  • Reading distance of high density, acrylic covered, or laminated barcodes from up to 25 mm away
  • Automatic decoder recognizes most barcode symbologies, and can be configured through scanning the programming menu
  • Flexible scan trigger configurations
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