A30M Mini CCD Scan Module


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A30M Mini CCD Scan Module

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A30M Mini CCD Scan Module

A30M Mini CCD Scan Module

The A30M mini CCD scan module is an ideal embedded scanning solution. Weighing in at 15g, this lightweight, compact device is protected by industrial standard housing and is as small as a match box. A testing button on the top allows for immediate scanning and holes on the back allow the device to be mounted quickly and easily.

This new CCD scan engine from Zebex features a bright, clear beam which allows users to easily see where they are scanning while powerful CCD scanning provides fast and accurate performance. The A30M is a flexible device that features future upgradeability. It is ideal for use in lottery machines, gaming machines, handheld terminals and more.


  • World's smallest CCD scan module
  • Great CCD scanning performance and have future upgradeability on firmware
  • mounting holes at bottom for easy installation
  • A "test" button on top for performance testing
  • Industrial standard design
  • Ideal for use in embedded applications where space is limited, such as gaming machines, handheld terminals, lottery machines, and more
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