8525 IP66 Computer


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8525 G2 Freezer Vehicle Mount Computer 8530 G2 Rugged Vehicle Mount Computer

8525 IP66 Computer

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8525 IP66 Computer

Driving Technology

The 8525 is a Windows CE .NET based vehicle-mount computer engineered to deliver maximum performance, ruggedness and durability, required for mobile data collection in the harshest mobile environments, in and out of the ‘four-walls’. The user-friendly 8525 is designed to deliver Flexibility, Integration, Ruggedness, Ergonomics (FIRE) day-in and day-out.

The 8525 can also be configured to operate in Intense and Cold Environments (ICE). The features of FIRE and ICE put the 8525 in a class by itself. Add to this, robust expansion and connectivity options, and it is easy to see why the 8525 is the only choice for use in rugged environments like warehouses, freezers, ports, yards and wide-area mobile applications. And, like the rest of Psion Teklogix’ Next Generation Terminal platform products, the 8525 is based on industry standards to ensure it integrates easily with your existing or future infrastructure.

Extreme Ruggedness

The 8525 is designed to stand up to the harshest and most extreme environments and deliver the solution ‘uptime’ that users expect from Psion Teklogix devices. Rated at IP66, the 8525 is protected against dust and sprays of strong jets of water, all at temperatures as low as -22°F (-30°C)! The 8525 can also withstand substantial shock and vibration transferred from vehicles as they work in rugged indoor and outdoor applications.

Flexibility & Integration

Class-leading flexibility and integration is achieved through the use of standards-based software and hardware components combined with robust expansion capabilities. Based on Windows CE .NET and Intel XScale architecture, the 8525 enables seamless application development and integration capabilities. Compact Flash, SD/MMC and Type III PC-Card along with external port options enable a variety of scanners, imagers, WLAN (802.11 and Narrowband),WWAN (GSM/GPRS, CDMA), etc to combine to make the 8525 as flexible as the application requires even in intense and cold environments.


The 8525 has been developed to ensure maximum viewing angle and efficiency of use. The 8525 has a logical control layout and an extremely crisp, bright easy-to-read display.

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