7035 Freezer Computer


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7035 Freezer Computer

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7035 Freezer Computer

RF scanning for the cold chain

Fast, Flexible and Lightweight

The 7035 hand-held, user-programmable computer warms to the challenges of condensing, cold chain environments where temperatures can fluctuate from a humid 50°C/122°F down to -30°C/-22°F. It is ideal in cold storage and yard applications, combining real-time accuracy, speed, ruggedness and ease of use. Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the 7035 transmits and receives data with sub-second response, and offers unique features and accessories to enhance performance and productivity in cold chain applications.

  • Choice of single or dual Type II PCMCIA slots: one for your choice of radio support (narrowband or 802.11b), the other for an ATA expansion card 
  • Industry’s best radio coverage suited to cold chain environments 
  • Heated LCD display ensures a fast refresh rate at low temperatures: internal components are rated for low temperatures 
  • Solid support for advanced emulations 
  • Application optimization to suit any ERP, WMS or supply chain software 
  • Optional big-button keyboard offers easy use while wearing gloves
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