6822 Full Page Mobile Printer


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6822 Full Page Mobile Printer

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6822 Full Page Mobile Printer

6822 Full Page Mobile Printer

Intermec 6822 series of full page mobile printers offers a high-quality printing solution for generating receipts, customer invoices, transfers, load reports, and other route accounting documents. The 6822 can be fit into a real time accounting system and facilitates route delivery processes. Portable or fixed mount models are available.


  • Can be configured as a portable or fixed mount printer
  • Supports wireless printing when Bluetooth holder is purchased with it
  • Easy loading of paper for internal and external trays
  • 512K flash memory
  • Storage for DBCS fonts, including Korean and Chinese
  • HHC docks and holders available
  • Two page per minute printing speeds


The Intermec 6822 portable printer is both flexible and mobile. It features a handle so that it can be easily carried and a compact tray which can store paper for an entire day’s work. An optional seat-mount strap can be used to secure the printer to benches in vehicles. A soft-sided case is available which can store invoices in a sealed compartment.

Fixed Mount

The Intermec 6822 fixed mount printer is ideal for applications where the printer must be mounted to a vehicle. A mobile computer holder can be attached to either side of the printer or can be used separately. A quick release function allows the printer to be dismounted and moved quickly.

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