6820 Full Page Portable Printer


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6820 Full Page Portable Printer

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6820 Full Page Portable Printer

6820 Full Page Portable Printer

The Intermec 6820 Series of full page portable printers are capable of generating high-quality receipts, customer invoices, transfers, load reports, and other route accounting documents. The printer can be configured as a fixed mount, wall mounted, or portable printer depending on your requirements. It supports Bluetooth® technologies, allowing for wireless printing. The printer fits into a real time accounting solution which facilitates route delivery and ensures data is current.

Portability and Reliability

The Intermec 6820 portable printer offers a flexible and mobile device. Its handle allows it to be carried around easily and its compact tray allows it to store enough paper to last an entire day. An optional seat-mount strap can be installed in order to secure the 6820 to a bench seat in a vehicle. A soft-sided carrying case is available which has a compartment for invoice storage.

Fixed Mount

The fixed mount 6820 printer model is ideal for applications which require the printer to be mounted in a vehicle. A quick release function lets workers remove the printer in one-step, allowing them to move the printer from one vehicle to another.

Wall Mount

The wall mount 6820 printer model can be mounted on vertical surfaces, whether they be in trucks or settlement rooms, and is ideal when space is limited. A quick-release feature allows workers to easily remove the printer and move it to another location. Paper trays are available for multiple route days.


  • Portable, wall mount, or fixed mount models
  • Supports wireless printing with Bluetooth® 700 Series Holder or the CK60 Series for fixed or mounted models
  • Easy paper loading for external and internal paper trays
  • 512K flash memory
  • Capable of storing DBCS fonts such as Chinese or Korean
  • HHC docks and holders available for Intermec CK60, 6220, 700 Series of mobile computers
  • Two page per minute printing speeds
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