4t Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Printer


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4t Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Printer

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4t Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Printer

4t Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Printer

As the flagship of the O’Neil Family, the 4t 4-inch microFlash® line of wireless and serial mobile direct thermal printers offer a powerful and portable printing solution. The 4te, the enhanced version of the 4t, provides Bluetooth and 802.11b/g capabilities, allowing for flexible connectivity options. The printer also features fast processing speeds, an external charging port with quick-release battery clamps, and external LED indicators. The 4t supports serial and IrDA configurations.

The 4t/4te series of portable thermal printers offer reliable performance and are capable of printing high quality 4” receipts, labels, proof of deliveries, invoices, and more. Its lightweight design makes it the ideal solution for direct store delivery (DSD), route accounting, logistics, pre-sales systems, field mobile service, and home delivery applications.

The 4t/4te is capable of printing direct thermal invoices and receipts, as well as linerless or linered labels. It features compressed 80-column receipt printing, making it an alternative to larger, possibly vehicle mounted, 80-column printers. The 4t/4te’s printing mechanism provides clear printing and allows for printing of graphics, logos, and barcodes.

The 4t/4te features a durable, reliable design so that it is capable of enduring punishing mobile environments. Its printing mechanism has been tested in the field to guarantee reliability even when used in challenging applications. It is designed with an unbreakable, high-density polyethylene case which protects the device from inevitable bumps and knocks. The device is supported by a full two-year warranty, which even covers the printing head.

Wireless Printing

The 4t/4te feature flexible connectivity options, including wireless local area network (WLAN) connection with integrated 802.11b/g capabilities as well as Bluetooth® capabilities. The integration of Bluetooth® allows your workers the convenience of a personal area network, allowing workers to print receipts or tickets from their mobile devices through wireless communications, without having to return to the terminal or vehicle. Bluetooth protocol is integrated into the device’s flash memory, allowing you to easily upgrade the device whenever wireless specifications change.

Extended Battery Life

The printer makes use of two lithium ion batteries for extended battery life, allowing it to function for a full 8 hour shift or longer. It is capable of printing as many as 2,240 6” receipts on a single battery charge. It features battery saving functions such as an automatic sleep mode so that the maximum amount of uptime between charges can be achieved. The device takes about 4 hours to recharge and an optional vehicle charger is available, ideal for long and intense printing tasks.

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