4600g 2D Imager


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3820i Industrial Cordless Linear Imager 4600r Retail Barcode Scanner

4600g 2D Imager

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4600g 2D Imager
The 4600g area imager from Hand Held Products combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning for retail and commercial applications. Powered by AdaptusTM Imaging Technology 5.0, the 4600g is full featured, fast, and cost effective. Today’s demanding retail and commercial applications involve much more than linear bar codes. EAN·UCC composite codes are beginning to appear in food stores; PDF codes are used for age verifi cation in restricted item sales; and postal bar codes are used to sort mail. The omni-directional reading capability of the 4600g allows fast and easy reading of all these codes. Simply point and shoot. There’s no need to align a scan line, or wait for a raster beam to open up. Whether capturing a signature as proof of delivery, taking a picture for identifi cation, or even storing data electronically, image capture is a mainstream requirement and an important part of current and future solutions. Equipped with Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0, the 4600g provides best-in-class image quality and image transfer speed, all at very economical prices. The 4600g is now easier to use under the most challenging conditions with Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0; and with no moving parts, the 4600g is as durable as it is versatile.


  • Omni-directional reading of 1D, PDF417, MicroPDF417, Postal, Matrix, and EAN•UCC Composite codes, and OCR fonts for the easiest ever data collection. 
  • Image Capture: Class-leading image quality and image transfer speed provide crisp images in less than one second. 
  • Increased Resolution: Improved image quality for vision-based applications. 
  • Built to Last: Durable, with no moving parts. Backed by an industry leading warranty. 
  • Increased Motion Tolerance: Ease of use in all types of scanning applications; better hand/motion tolerance for linear codes. 
  • Connectivity: The most popular interfaces in one model. Uses the standard Hand Held Products cable set. 
  • Faster Time to Read (TTR): Advanced Linear Decoding (ALD) is faster and reads more like a linear unit. 
  • IQ Editing Pro™: Provides easy integration into existing 
  • Increased Field of View (FOV): Ability to read wider bar codes quickly and easily, including hard to read bar codes.
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