3800G Library Barcode Imager


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DataMan 8500 Industrial Handheld ID Reader 3800i Industrial Linear Image Scanner

3800G Library Barcode Imager

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3800G Library Barcode Imager

From the global leader in imaging technology comes the 3800g – the newest member of the legendary 3800 family of linear imagers.

The first in a new class of 3800 linear imagers, the g was built to deliver world-class performance for a broad range of market applications.

Featuring an ideal balance of performance, durability, ergonomics, and connectivity solutions, the 3800g delivers years of hasslefree scanning for applications in retail, warehouse, manufacturing, distribution – and all points in-between.

The first linear imager to earn the Adaptus™ Imaging Technology brand, the new 3800g is powered by Adaptus 5.0, delivering breakthrough linear imaging performance and versatility. Fast, intuitive bar code reading across a range of high and low density codes, the 3800g quickly reads even damaged and poorly printed bar codes - all in a single device.

Sound, ergonomic design and class-leading durability, coupled with aggressive reading performance, makes the new 3800g the ideal choice for customers who appreciate best-in-class value in a handheld linear reader.

Performance and Versatility Powered by:

Adaptus Imaging Technology 5.0:
  • Excellent tolerance to lateral hand motion (4x faster) makes 3800g easy to use. 
  • 270 scans per second makes bar code reading faster than ever. 
  • Improved depth of fi eld across a broad range of linear bar codes. 
  • Working range from .5 inches to 18 inches on 100% UPC/EAN symbols. 
  • Improved ability to read damaged or poorly printed bar codes.

General Purpose Reader: Single device covering the broadest range of customer applications.

Modern, Ergonomic Design: Sleek, modern industrial design results in a smaller, lighter device for increased operator comfort and productivity.

Durable: Built to last with no moving parts to wear out. Full impact resistant bumpers and a 5 year warranty make the 3800g one of the toughest scanners on the market.

Standard FeaturesConnectivity: All popular interfaces are on board. Includes Visual Express™ software for ease-ofintegration. Supports Unifi ed POS standard and Windows® Embedded for Point of Service, for retail connectivity.


Common Cabling: Uses same cable solutions as our linear, 2D, and Cordless imagers – for easy ordering and effi cient spares pools.

Future Proof Symbology Support: GTIN compliant, RSS capable.

Intuitive Aiming Line: Thin, crisp aiming line for ease-of-use in scanning bar coded menus and densely populated documents.

Full Line Accessories: Includes presentation scanning, global power choice options, and purpose built mounting solutions.

Intuitive User Feedback: Fully programmable options for application-specifi c “good read” LED and beeper settings.

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