2425CS Intrinsically (I-Safe) Keypad Handheld Computer


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2425 RF Keypad Handheld Computer 2435 RF Wireless Thin Client Computer

2425CS Intrinsically (I-Safe) Keypad Handheld Computer

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2425CS Intrinsically (I-Safe) Keypad Handheld Computer


The Intrinsically Safe 2425CS handheld is SIRA certified and UL listed and provides protection in hazardous areas containing dust, vapor, and gas, even after repeated drops. The 2425CS also provides an expanded coverage area with a wireless data collection terminal.  The 2425CS is a cost-effective and reliable solution for collecting data in demanding manufacturing, distribution and warehouse environments. 



  • Intrinsically safe       
  • Supports industry standard communications IEEE 802.11b      
  • 2.4 GHz radio for excellent area coverage       
  • Fast and easy integration options for terminal emulation or client/server       
  • Flexible connectivity choices       
  • Durable casing

Intrinsically Safe Rating
The Intermec 2425CS can withstand even the most rugged and hazardous environments.  With its SIRA certification and UL listing, operation in areas containing dust, vapors and gas make it one of the toughest handheld solutions available.

The Coverage You Need 
With its integrated wireless module, the 2425CS is a full-featured wireless terminal suited to handle wide coverage areas necessary for inventory control, asset management, item tracking, maintenance management and other data collection applications. 

Built for Use in the Real World
Designed for industrial strength operations, the 2425CS is durable enough to withstand 5-foot drops to concrete.  However, that ruggedness is not compromised when it comes to comfort and ease of use for extended periods of time.

Application Flexibiltiy 
Applications can be developed using industry standard language tools; no proprietary languages to learn and support. The task is even quicker with EZBuilder™, a rapid application development and prototyping tool that requires no programming language expertise at all.  Also, the open-architecture 2425CS includes integration options for terminal emulation, client/server, or browser-based applications.

Full Shift Power
Data can be collected with the 2425CS  for a normal shift and even beyond without a battery change with its Lithium Ion batteries. Recharge them gradually while the terminal is in the communications dock or quickly in a convenient multi-pack charger. Data will be saved for days in the event the main battery is temporarily or accidentally removed.

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