2415 RF Wireless Handheld


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2415 RF Wireless Handheld

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2415 RF Wireless Handheld

The small size, durability and light weight of the 2415 wireless handheld make it ideally-suited for a wide range of data collection operations in industrial, retail, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare applications. The IEEE 802.11b radio provides high throughput, fast response times, long range and interoperability with other products from Intermec and additional suppliers. Optional factory loaded software for terminal emulation, TE2000, and web-enabled text browsing, dcBrowserÔ , protect your investment by ensuring easy system expansion as your operations embrace new technologies.

The 2415 combines the exceptional speed and performance of Intermec’s patented Vista technology with the range and precision of laser scanners. The ability to read damaged, low contrast, laminated and high density bar codes far exceed that of laser. An additional feature of Intermec’s linear imager is its ability to read bar codes directly from displays such as CRT, AMLCD or TFT. With the widest range of scan performance, the Vista option provides flexibility for supporting multiple applications.

Applications can be developed using industry standard language tools; no proprietary languages to learn and support. The task is even quicker with EZBuilder™, a rapid application development and prototyping tool that requires no programming language expertise at all. Also, the flexible architecture of the 2415 includes integration options for terminal emulation, client/server, or browser-based applications. And as a member of the 2400 family, the 2415 can utilize software developed for other 2400 products, such as the 2435 or 2425 handheld computers, without modification. Just load your executable and go.

The 2415’s long-lasting batteries will allow for a full day’s work without recharging. Its state-of-the-art Lithium- Ion battery options are easy to recharge and can run 8 to 12 hours on a single charge. That makes the 2415 ideal for time-intensive applications, such as serialized inventory receipts, re-stocking inventory, and in-store audits. And its high-contrast, scratch resistant display makes for easy reading in many environments. Best of all, 2415 handheld computer integrates seamlessly into your system, whether it is terminal emulation, client/server or web enabled.

  • Patented VistaÔ Technology 
  • Integrated 2.4 GHz OpenAir or IEEE 802.11b Wi-Fi certified radio options 
  • Small, lightweight design 
  • Flexible application environments 
  • Industry standard development and connectivity tools 
  • Long lasting Lithium-Ion battery for full shift operation 
  • Survives 4-foot drops to concrete
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