2410 Keypad Handheld Computer


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SP5700 OptimusPDA Data Collection Terminal 2415 RF Wireless Handheld

2410 Keypad Handheld Computer

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2410 Keypad Handheld Computer

The durable 2410 handheld weighs less than 400 grams (14 oz.) making it ideal for your batch applications in either retail, commercial or light industrial operations.  Powered by Lithium Ion batteries, the 2410 ensures a full day’s work to help you complete such time-intensive tasks as in-store audits and inventory restocking.  Once collected, data can be quickly and conveniently uploaded to your host computer through a serial communications dock or adapter.  For increased data coverage with integrated RF capabilities, see the Intermec 2415 wireless handheld.



  • Small, lightweight design        
  • Flexible application environments        
  • Industry standard development tools        
  • Upgradeable to provide investment protection        
  • Long lasting Lithium Ion battery for full shift operation        
  • Survives 4-foot drops to concrete

Increased Productivity
The 2410 weighs in at less than 14 oz. making it easy to operate in all types of scanning, especially many retail applications such as price verification and modification or cycle counting. The large display provides operators with more information and keypad options are available for either full alphanumeric or oversized numeric layouts depending on the users need.  Long-lasting and quick-charging batteries provide your workers with at least a full shift of operation.  PC Card memory expansion allows large data files to be conveniently stored in the terminal. Collected data can then be quickly and conveniently uploaded to the host computer through a serial communications dock or direct RS232 adapter. Customize the configuration to maximize worker efficiency and productivity with a range of integrated scanners from standard to long distance, from high visibility to high density.

Increased Efficiency
The 2410 was designed to help increase your data collection efficiency. Similar to a cell phone, the 2410 utilizes Lithium Ion batteries that are not only long-lasting, but easy and quick to replace. Memory backup hardware prevents accidental data loss. Superior technology has also been implemented in the high contrast, backlit display and long-lasting keypad. And for software development, programmer utilities and EZBuilder™ for rapid application development give programmers more efficient and state-of-the-art tools to work with.

Protect Your Investment
The 2410 can grow as the needs of your operation change. With an internal PC Card slot for example, you can actually start with a batch 2410, and upgrade to the wireless 2415 later. Or start with the new 802.11 radio and upgrade to future RF developments as they occur. The PC Card slot also provides for data storage expansion, giving you plenty of flexibility.

Built to Last
Although the 2410 is compact and lightweight, durability has not been compromised. It is built to last, surviving repeated 4-foot drops to concrete. Its sealed keypad and internal antenna also increase ruggedness. Even connectors have been designed with long life and reliable usage in mind. The built-in serial port used for RS232 communications and docking, for example, will last several times longer than conventional RJ-type connectors.

Optional Equipment
Optional equipment for the 2410 include a 2 MB memory upgrade to a total of 4 MB of non-volatile memory, pistol grip handle, and serial communications dock. The 2410 is also available with European as well as Asian character sets.

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