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March 16, 2010 10:00 AM Eastern Standard Time

OCR Canada Announces Mobile POS Software Offering

Markham, ON, March 16, 2010 /CNW/ – OCR Canada Ltd., the nationally recognized innovator in auto ID, data collection, mobility and RFID solutions, announces that OCR Mobile POS will turn the latest lightweight Motorola MC75 wireless handhelds into full-featured checkouts.

Dan Sulan, Chief Technical Officer of OCR said, "Mobile POS Software will allow retailers to do line-busting anywhere inside or outside their stores. Mobile POS does everything that a POS unit can do: transaction entries or stock enquiries through to complete credit/debit payments."

Mobile POS streamlines customer purchases, inquiries and returns. They can sign up for loyalty programs by using their driver's licenses, see their favorite items and access their purchase history. Retailers' get a green solution and boost their ROI when they use less floor space, counters, heating/cooling/electrical and paper. They'll also use less staff and management time.

OCR's Mobile POS allows inventory counts, receivings and shelf price verification to be done when units are not being used as a POS for even more dramatic ROI and staff productivity improvements. Mobile POS is easily and quickly integrated into Magstar Total Retail or Total POS solutions, or into other enterprise retail solutions.

About OCR Canada Ltd.

OCR Canada Ltd. is a recognized industry leader in the delivery of effective solutions for mobile computing, barcode scanning, wireless infrastructure, and RFID. OCR aids companies to gain competitive advantage by utilizing our broad range of RFID, barcode and wireless LAN equipment to increase operational efficiency and decrease costs. After almost 3 decades in the data collection business, OCR has received more than 70 industry achievement awards. OCR's success is based on long tenure staff members who possess extensive industry and technical expertise that have served more than 6,750 customers around the globe. Multiple customer references and accolades are a testament to OCR's history of innovative Automated Identification Data Capture (AIDC) solutions.

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