Motorola MC9190 replaces discontinued MC9090


Motorola will be discontinuing the MC9090-G (Gun) segment of the MC9090 product family. The last ship date for this product is July 13, 2012. MC9090-G in stock quantities are limited and are based on a first-come, first-served basis.


Motorola introduced the MC9190-G in January of 2011 as the next-generation premium industrial-class rugged mobile computer – and eventual replacement for the MC9090-G – for scan intensive in-premise applications. The MC9190-G inherits the signature ruggedness of the MC9000 – but also offers increased hardness of the touch screen, making it even more resistant to wear and tear. Where the typical resistive touch panel is rated to a hardness factor of 3H, the polycarbonate construction of the MC9190-G display boosts hardness to 4H. Plus the MC9190-G scanner exit window has been upgraded to incredibly tough Corning® Gorilla® glass, which is virtually scratchproof and shatterproof; making it the most rugged device in the industry in its class. The feature-rich MC9190-G includes the following advancements:

  • Latest generation 806 MHz processor
  • New SE4600 Near/Far Imager
  • Latest generation standard range 2D imager and 1D laser
  • High visibility VGA display
  • Integrated UHF Gen 2 RFID Tag
  • Interactive Sensor Technology
  • Battery Health Status Information
  • And much more….

The MC9190-G is backward compatible to the MC9090-G accessories and will therefore continue to be available to support the MC9190-G; the accessories will NOT be discontinued.

In addition, the MC9090-G Full Non-Incendive Hazardous Location configurations and the MC9090-G RFID and MC9090-Z RFID handhelds will continue to be available and are in no way affected by this notice.

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Q. Will any of the MC9090-G accessories go end of life at this time?

A. No, all the MC9090-G accessories are forward compatible to the MC9190-G and therefore will remain available to support the MC9190-G product family.

Q. Is the MC9190-G the next generation MC9090-G?

A. Yes, the MC9190-G is the successor to the MC9090-G. It meets the same rugged drop, tumble, and sealing specs of the MC9090-G, with a richer feature set, and incorporates a new near/far long range imager the SE4600.

Q. Will there be a MC9190-K/S available?

A. No, there are no plans to offer a MC9190-K or S. The MC9500 is the replacement for the MC9090-K and S product family.

Q: Are the MC9190-G accessories backwards compatible to the MC9090-G Mobile Computer?

A: Yes, the MC9190 is backwards compatible to all of the MC9090-G accessories.

Q: Can MC9090-G applications be ported over to the MC9190-G?

A. Yes. The MC9190-G supports Mobility Platform Architecture (MPA) for easy and cost-effective porting of applications from other Motorola mobile computers, including the MC9090-G.


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