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Portable mobile computers are also rugged and designed for multi-purpose use. They typically feature an ergonomic design that lend themself to specific applications. They are designed for productivity so that mobile workers are more efficient when performing repetitive tasks. These devices actually provide a lower cost of ownership for enterprises than do the average smartphone type device. A handheld size is much easier to use than bulky notebooks or even tablet computers. They are also much more durable than consumer grade smart phones as most portable mobile computers are IP65-rated or better. This enhanced protection against dust and rain make them great for many harsh work environments. When your workforce is equipped with field-ready mobile computers with business-critical functionality your operations become easy to follow processes which reduce costs and increase efficiencies.

When combining the functionality of a mobile smartphone and a barcode scanner in a pocket-sized yet rugged device, your mobile workers will be able to access data they need while they are on the go. For industrial cold storage a mobile vehicle mounted computer will provide advanced data collection and real-time wireless communication. This will enable your organization to perform inventory management more effectively. Also, in industrial hazardous locations, mobile computers are designed to improve the productivity of mobile workers. With mission-critical applications such mobile inspections and asset management, you can be confident that your core business resources are in good working order and all accounted for.