2010 President’s Message

When we examine the past history of OCR, it becomes apparent that not only has OCR been established longer than any other AIDC company in Canada we have also been the most innovative. Our resourcefulness is the synergy that generates our success and maintains our future viability. Never do we want to stifle the creative thought that flows from our team of professional personnel. This innovation and competitive advantage is transferred to the customers that we do business with.

OCR's first-in-class barcode, RFID and wireless product offerings have been used by thousands of Canada’s most progressive corporations. Through industry renowned technical abilities and innovative ideas, OCR has been able to transform enterprise data collection for corporations that have struggled to track and record the information they need to effectively manage and forecast business processes. The result is that our customers now have a competitive advantage that will enable them to continue to outlast others in their industry!

In 2010, OCR is poised for a value-amplification by leveraging our deep knowledge and expertise in enterprise mobility. Kicking this drive off is our Motorola centric website www.BarcodeMobilitySolutions.com which highlights our dedication to bringing solutions together for our customers. Also, being named Intermec partner of the year for 2009 will deepen our relationship with Intermec which will translate into better value for customers. The numerous accolades from our business partners are a testament to our dedication and capability within the AIDC industry. On behalf of our customers we will continue to strive to be industry leaders enabling us to provide the most robust solutions with the best value.

By capitalizing on the enormous market opportunity within the AIDC space, we continue to advance our Canadian market share while sustaining customer satisfaction and recognition. We will continue to be focused and steadfast in providing the best in class AIDC solutions as well as supporting each sale and installation with a highly skilled team of professionals.

I want to personally thank our loyal customers for their continued support, our suppliers and partners that have enabled us to excel, as well as our committed employees who will always be a critical part of our success. We commit to both our existing customers and our potential customers that we will work diligently to gain and grow their confidence to allow them to be successful in all their AIDC endeavors.

Jack Art
President, OCR Canada Ltd.
Call us at 1-800-853-7226
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