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Improve Safety, Savings and Compliance with Secure Data Automation

Healthcare providers are squeezed by economy and insurance companies to hold down costs, while consumers and doctors want more services and flexibility. Considering the liabilities that healthcare providers have to guard against, the necessity for extreme accuracy and efficiency is clear. Intermec by Honeywell offers uncompromising wireless security, unmatched performance, centralized support and rapid deployment that healthcare providers can count on. Intermec's and Honeywell’s complete line of automated identification products are designed to help healthcare professionals collect and track patient information, reduce medical errors, improve staff productivity and reduce costs. Intermec equipment is used to manage data exchanges and ensure data integrity and security throughout the healthcare industry.

Patient Tracking and Administration Patient Tracking and Administration »

Guaranteeing that the right patient is always matched with the right medical history, medications and doctor's instructions are critical to providing the right care.

Security and Records Security and Records »

Confidential information abounds in healthcare, so providers must ensure that the information is easy to obtain, yet secure from unauthorized access.

Pharmacy Pharmacy »

Medications change rapidly, and innovative treatments often entail complex drug "cocktails" – so custom pharmaceutical mixing has become a key aspect of healthcare, and necessitates an extreme degree of accuracy and tracking.

point of care Point of Care »

Patient safety demands accurate identification of patients, medications and samples. To dramatically reduce errors while improving staff productivity, healthcare labeling needs to begin at the patient bedside.

Laboratory Laboratory »

Specimens are often the key to diagnosis, so ensuring an accurate specimen-to-patient relationship is essential. What's more, eliminating manual entry improves accuracy.

Asset Tracking Asset Tracking »

To maximize asset utilization from IV pumps to portable emergency equipment, hospitals and clinics need to be able to find and rapidly deploy these assets to maintain top quality care.

Supplies Supplies »

New supplies and treatments are created all the time, so staying on top of inventory while keeping it lean is essential in order for healthcare organizations to provide great care while keeping costs down.

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