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9160 G2 Wireless Network Gateway 9160 G2 Wireless Network GatewayPSION TEKLOGIX
The 9160 G2 wireless gateway gives you options. Mix and match RF technologies as your needs dictate. 802.11b/g for data collection apps, 802.11a for high bandwidth apps and narrowband for larger areas that demand extensive coverage. So you can always choose the right radio backbone for your site and applications
Aruba 3000 Large Office Wireless Controller Aruba 3000 Large Office Wireless ControllerARUBA NETWORKS
High-performance, standalone 3000 series Mobility Controllers from Aruba deliver a wide range of network services to medium and large regional offices. The 3000 series supports up to 8,192 users and performs stateful firewall policy enforcement at speeds up to 4 Gbps.
Aruba 600 Wireless Office Controller Aruba 600 Wireless Office ControllerARUBA NETWORKS
The 600 series of Mobility Controllers deliver powerful enterprise-class capabilities to branch office networks with zero-touch provisioning.
Aruba 6000 Campus Wireless Controller Aruba 6000 Campus Wireless ControllerARUBA NETWORKS
The modular 6000 Mobility Controller from Aruba delivers a wide range of network services to large campus networks. Offering unmatched scalability, the 6000 controller supports up to 8,192 users and performs stateful firewall policy enforcement at speeds up to 20 Gbps.
Aruba 7200 Wireless Controller Aruba 7200 Wireless ControllerARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba 7200 Wireless Controllers have been optimized for mobile app delivery as well 802.11ac. The 7200 controller is completely application aware and puts priorities on mobile apps that are based on the user's identity and it provides a staggering scale for device densities and BYOD transactions.
CBX800 Manufacturing Wireless Gateway CBX800 Manufacturing Wireless GatewayDATALOGIC
The CBX800 connectivity device is an industrial gateway allowing the connection of devices equipped with a standard RS232 communication interface to the most common fieldbus systems.
Cisco 2106 Controller Cisco 2106 ControllerCISCO
From voice and data services to location tracking, Cisco WLAN controllers provide the control, scalability, and reliability that IT managers need to build secure, enterprise-scale wireless networks-from branch offices to outdoor campuses.
Cisco 2500 Series Small Enterprise Wireless Controller Cisco 2500 Series Small Enterprise Wireless ControllerCISCO
Deploy the Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controller to manage wireless functions in your small to medium-sized business. The Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controller helps Cisco Aironet access points communicate in real time to simplify the deployment and operation of wireless networks.
Cisco 4400 Controller Cisco 4400 ControllerCISCO
The Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controller is ideal for enterprise and service provider wireless LAN deployments. It simplifies deployment and operation of wireless networks, helping to ensure smooth performance, enhance security, and maximize network availability.
Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Network Controller Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Network ControllerCISCO
Cost-effectively manage and secure your wireless networks with the Cisco 5500 Series Wireless Controller. Automated wireless configuration and management functions give you more visibility and control. The 5500 Series is designed for high-performance wireless networking.
Flex 7500 Series Branch Management Wireless Controllers Flex 7500 Series Branch Management Wireless ControllersCISCO
The highly scalable Cisco Flex 7500 Series Controller provides the visibility and control needed to manage thousands of wireless branches from a single location.
Fortress Technology: AirFortress Fortress Technology: AirFortressINTERMEC
The AirFortress product family provides the most robust, scalable and easy-to-manage line of security gateway solutions for ensuring privacy of wireless networks and mission-critical enterprise applications. These FIPS certified security products provide user privacy, access control, device and user authentication as well as data link layer integrity to guard against denial-of-service attacks.
Gateway 4000 Gateway 4000INTERMEC
The Intermec Gateway provides traditional local area network gateway functionality for Windows Server 2003 improving system performance by providing robust wireless communications.
MG-Plus Mobile In-Vehicle Gateway MG-Plus Mobile In-Vehicle GatewayMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The MG-Plus provides in-vehicle connectivity and communications capabilities needed to gather, prepare, send and receive data anytime, anywhere. 
RFS4000 802.11N Remote Facility Network Controller RFS4000 802.11N Remote Facility Network ControllerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The RFS 4000 802.11n Integrated Services Controller is designed to provide any branch office or remote facility with high performance, comprehensive, cost-effective and secure wireless and wired networking services.
S1500 Mobility Access Switch S1500 Mobility Access SwitchARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba Networks S1500 Mobility Access Switch brings role-based user access, operational simplicity, and security to your wired networks. The S1500 is a vital part of Arubas Mobile Virtual Enterprise architecture, delivering virtualized, secure access services to clients, no matter where they are located or there access methods.
S2500 Mobility Access Switch S2500 Mobility Access SwitchARUBA NETWORKS
The Aruba Networks S2500 Mobility Access Switch is a new class of product that brings role-based access to wired networks.
S3500 Mobility Access Switch S3500 Mobility Access SwitchARUBA NETWORKS
Arubas S3500 Mobility Access Switches are a new class of product enabling secure, role-based network access for wired users and devices, independent of their location or application. Its the only wired network solution designed for todays mobile enterprise workforce.
SC4000 Product Tracing Wireless Controller SC4000 Product Tracing Wireless ControllerDATALOGIC
The SC4000 is an industrial controller designed for high speed data collection in an ID-NET network of Datalogic Automation's 1D/2D code readers.
SC6000 Parcel Sorting Wireless Controller SC6000 Parcel Sorting Wireless ControllerDATALOGIC
The SC6000 is the ultimate Datalogic Automation industrial bar code controller specifically designed for omni-directional multi-side reading tunnels. It offers all the necessary computational resources for very challenging applications where throughput, reliability and availability are key factors.
SD61 Wireless Bluetooth Scanner Gateway SD61 Wireless Bluetooth Scanner GatewayINTERMEC
The SD61 wireless base station provides a secure connection (ISCP protocol) between multiple Intermec industrial scanners, including the SF51 and SR61B, and the host device without the need to load any new software to the host system, saving time and resources.
Small Business Wireless Network Controller Software Small Business Wireless Network Controller SoftwareCISCO
Deploy the Cisco Wireless Controller application on the Cisco Services-Ready Engine (SRE) to enable systemwide wireless functions in small to medium-sized businesses and branch offices.
SR2024 Wireless LAN Switch SR2024 Wireless LAN SwitchAEROHIVE
he Aerohive SR2024 is a Gigabit Ethernet access switch. It has 24 ports and an additional four 1 Gigabit SFP ports as well as high-power power over ethernet supported on 8 of the Ethernet ports.
SR2124P Wireless LAN Switch SR2124P Wireless LAN SwitchAEROHIVE
The SR2124P from Aerohive is a Gigabit Ethernet access switch featuring 24 ports as well as four 10 Gigabit SFP ports and all of the Ethernet ports allow for high power power over ethernet.
SR2148P Wireless LAN Switch SR2148P Wireless LAN SwitchAEROHIVE
Aerohive's SR2148P switch is a Gigabit Ethernet access switch with a massive 48 ports along with an additional four 10 Gigabit SFP ports. The ports all are high power power over ethernet enabled, and the switch is supported by the HiveOS software.
T3 PowerBroadband Ethernet and Wireless LAN Network T3 PowerBroadband Ethernet and Wireless LAN NetworkMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The T3 PowerBroadband Solution leverages the in-building telephone wiring to deploy Ethernet and wireless LAN networks without the effort and expense of re-wiring with structured cabling. The solution comprises a POE switches, Ethernet wallplates, and 802.11 b/g Wireless Wallplates to extend wired and wireless Internet access to guest rooms.
Universal Gateway Controller Universal Gateway ControllerHONEYWELL (WELCH ALLYN)
Universal Gateway Controller provides a complete, industry-standard host connectivity solution for Dolphin RF. Terminal Emulation Connection to IBM and UNIX Hosts. Simplifies the integration of Dolphin RF.
Wireless Services Module 2 Enterprise Network Controller Wireless Services Module 2 Enterprise Network ControllerCISCO
Deploy the Cisco Wireless Services Module 2 (WiSM2) controller on the Catalyst 6500 Series Switches to help enable system-wide wireless functions in medium-sized to large environments. This highly scalable, integrated blade switch extends the same policies and security from the wired network core to the wireless edge.
WS2000 Wireless Switch WS2000 Wireless SwitchMOTOROLA SYMBOL
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The WS2000 wireless switch provides the mobility, management, and security features that are needed to deploy and manage an enterprise-grade Wireless LAN.
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