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Direct Connect TN Software for Dolphin RF Hand Held Computer Direct Connect TN Software for Dolphin RF Hand Held ComputerHONEYWELL (WELCH ALLYN)
Designed especially for the Dolphin RF portable data terminal, Direct Connect TN Software is packed with features that allow you to customize Dolphin RF functionality to suit your application.
Dolphin 7400/7450 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Runtime Software Dolphin 7400/7450 Java Virtual Machine (JVM) Runtime SoftwareHONEYWELL (WELCH ALLYN)
Enables the Dolphin 7400/7450 to run Personal Java-compliant enterprise applications, including package delivery, inventory control, route accounting, and shipping/receiving, etc.
ITScriptNet  Batch Data Collection Software ITScriptNet Batch Data Collection SoftwareHONEYWELL (WELCH ALLYN)
ITScriptNet Batch software allows users to quickly and easily create batch data collection applications for all Dolphin batch portable dataterminals.
RF Simplicity Application Development Software RF Simplicity Application Development SoftwareHONEYWELL (WELCH ALLYN)
Users can develop radio frequency applications using Visual Basic to run on Cisco wireless networks.RF Simplicity uses VB (Visual Basic) 5.0/6.0 to create simple or complex wireless data collection solutions.
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