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Speakeasy Voice Application Developer Speakeasy Voice Application DeveloperWAVELINK
The benefits of Voice technology to your enterprise are endless, and with Wavelink Speakeasy, you no longer have to worry about a time consuming and cost-prohibitive implementation. Speakeasy delivers low-cost, high quality integration of client-side, Voice driven data collection into existing host connectivity applications.
Studio Wireless Warehouse Application Studio Wireless Warehouse ApplicationWAVELINK
Designed for mission critical applications, Wavelink Studio enables JAVA and COM developers to create and deploy powerful server-side enterprise wireless applications for wireless data collection, barcode scanning and RFID devices. Wavelink Studio applications run on mobile devices from all the major device manufacturers.
Velocity Mobile Enterprise Browser Velocity Mobile Enterprise BrowserWAVELINK
Wavelink Velocity is a mobile enterprise browser designed to address key issues plaguing traditional browsers such as poor performance, lack of scanner support, connection interruptions, and narrow OS platform support.
Wavelink Avalanche SaaS Web Mobile Device Management Wavelink Avalanche SaaS Web Mobile Device ManagementWAVELINK
The SaaS, web-based model of Avalanche Mobile Device Management provides industry leading device management capabilities through the web, or Cloud. This eliminates the need to install new servers within your already existing system.
Wavelink Avalanche WLAN Mobile Device Management Solution Wavelink Avalanche WLAN Mobile Device Management SolutionWAVELINK
A wireless infrastructure management system is a necessity for an effective business set up. Mobile technology is growing and, more and more, the number of mobile devices in the workplace is increasing.
Wavelink Managed Services Mobile Device Management Wavelink Managed Services Mobile Device ManagementWAVELINK
Wavelinks Avalanche Managed Services solution incorporates Wavelinks Avalanche mobile device and network infrastructure management and provides those services to organizations.
Wavelink Mobile Computer Terminal Emulation Wavelink Mobile Computer Terminal EmulationWAVELINK
Wavelink Mobile Computer Terminal Emulation (TE) is the industry leading terminal emulation client and is currently in use by over three million mobile devices across the world; many of the most prominent retailers in the world make use of this software.
Wavelink Remote Control Help Desk Solution Wavelink Remote Control Help Desk SolutionWAVELINK
Avalanche Remote Control Customer Help Desk is a solution which delivers management the means to deal with end-users by replicating exactly what problems they are experiencing. With this system in place, administrators are capable of providing support to users without having to be on location with the device.
Wavelink SecurePlus Network Security Solution Wavelink SecurePlus Network Security SolutionWAVELINK
Wavelink SecurePlus can help you secure your network and regulatory guidelines to ensure that your network of information is protected by a comprehensive security system which can combat threats and meet regulations.
Wavelink Terminal Emulation Screen Reformatter Wavelink Terminal Emulation Screen ReformatterWAVELINK
Wavelink Terminal Emulation Screen Reformatter provides a toolset which allows administrators to reformat emulation screens in order to offer a more efficient and convenient end-user experience on their mobile devices.
Wavelink Wireless Printer Management Solution Wavelink Wireless Printer Management SolutionWAVELINK
Wavelinks Wireless Printer Management Solution delivers the means to track and control Bluetooth enabled printers. Printer Management gives network administrators the tools needed to identify printer to terminal pairings, allowing personnel to easily identify a unique printer.
Web Applications Industrial Browser Web Applications Industrial BrowserWAVELINK
Wavelinks Industrial Browser is a device independent solution that is ideal for all user types. From those wishing to migrate an existing emulation application, to those implementing brand new Web-based applications, Industrial Browser is the perfect solution. Built to overcome many of the shortcomings you encounter with standard browsers shipped on many devices, it satisfies the most demanding environments.
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