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Falcon Developer Falcon Developer's ToolKitDATALOGIC (PSC)
The Falcon Developer's ToolKit allows system integrators, developers and programmers to develop end-user application for Falcon using their own x86 compilers.
FAST Wireless Software Distribution FAST Wireless Software DistributionDATALOGIC (PSC)
The FAST Update system is for wireless software distribution for Falcon  portable data terminals. Allowing the download and maintenance of data files, programs, software and even the BIOS of Falcon terminals over a Wireless LAN.
FMU Falcon Management Utility FMU Falcon Management UtilityDATALOGIC (PSC)
The Falcon Management Utility (FMU) is a powerful administrative tool that centralizes the installation, maintenance, and management activities associated with a Falcon data terminal deployment.
PowerNet Twin Client PowerNet Twin ClientDATALOGIC (PSC)
PowerNet Twin Client provides VT100, VT220, HP700/92, IBM 3270, and IBM 5250 terminal emulation for PSC's complete line of Falcon data terminals.
PowerNet Vision - Wireless Network Management PowerNet Vision - Wireless Network ManagementDATALOGIC (PSC)
PowerNet Vision expands your field of view and extends your management capabilities to include your entire wireless infrastructure. Vision is a 32-bit, Windows-based net-work tool that eases the burden of installing your wireless systems.
PSC Program Generator (PPG) PSC Program Generator (PPG)DATALOGIC (PSC)
PPG allows you to design customized data collection applications for PSC PT 2000 and TopGun portables by simply creating, filling in and linking dialog boxes.
RF Software Development Kit (RF SDK) RF Software Development Kit (RF SDK)DATALOGIC (PSC)
Using any Windows development environment that supports ActiveX controls, you can develop sophisticated RF client/server applications using the TCP/IP protocol.
RFBuilder Wireless Application Builder RFBuilder Wireless Application BuilderDATALOGIC (PSC)
PSC's RFBuilder is an easy-to-use development tool used to quickly create and deploy powerful wireless applications for the PSC line of Falcon data terminals.
Universal Program Generator (UPG) Universal Program Generator (UPG)DATALOGIC (PSC)
Save time and money when developing applications for your Falcon data terminals using the Universal Program Generator (UPG) from PSC.
Wireless VT Terminal Emulation Software Wireless VT Terminal Emulation SoftwareDATALOGIC (PSC)
VT-Lite enables any of the supported Falcon data terminals to emulate a VT terminal connected to a host system via a wireless local area network (WLAN).
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