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Load DLL Multiple Terminal Downloads Load DLL Multiple Terminal DownloadsOPTICON
Loading, maintaining applications and operating systems for Opticon's terminals from your own PC application is an easy job with Load DLL.
Microtec SDK Barcode Terminal Software Microtec SDK Barcode Terminal SoftwareOPTICON
Programming an advanced application is within easy reach with this powerful software package. The programmer should have knowledge of ANSI C.
Multi Loader Barcode Terminal Software Multi Loader Barcode Terminal SoftwareOPTICON
Simultaneously loading the same application or operating system to several Opticon terminals is achieved by Multiloader. This program runs on 32-bit Windows.
Neto 32 Data Communication Program Neto 32 Data Communication ProgramOPTICON
Exchange data between an Opticon terminal and a PC with the Neto32 program. Specify the data files to be exchanged by the terminal and the PC and let Neto32 take care of your data communication needs.
Neto DLL Background Data Transfer Tool Neto DLL Background Data Transfer ToolOPTICON
Precise control over data exchange between Opticon terminals and a PC is possible by integrating Neto DLL into your own application.
RapidGen Rapid Barcode Application Generator Software RapidGen Rapid Barcode Application Generator SoftwareOPTICON
Rapid GEN is a program designed to allow easy programming of the PHL-1600 (hereafter referred to as PHL or Terminal) to collect data in variety of formats.Custom programming of the PHL normally requires the use of a cross-compiler with source code developed on a PC.
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