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AirVU TRIPS (RF Interactive Prompting System), a member of the AirAware family of connectivity solutions for mobile computers, provides quick, easy solutions for customers who want to build basic wireless handheld access into their applications without developing custom handheld resident applications.
AirBEAM Safe Wireless Security Protection AirBEAM Safe Wireless Security ProtectionMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Provide employees with superior data protection, simply and easily no matter where the workday takes them. Deliver strong end-to-end encryption to protect all your mobile handheld and notebook computers and resident data from hackers and other intruders with an exceptional level of wireless protection. .
AirBEAM Smart Mobile Device Manager AirBEAM Smart Mobile Device ManagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Give your administrators the power to quickly, easily and remotely manage the software on your mobile devices. With AirBEAM Smart, your employees start the day with the most recent applications, operating systems and firmware ensuring maximum uptime and productivity. 
AirBEAM Wireless Network Manager AirBEAM Wireless Network ManagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Simplify and reduce the cost of managing your Spectrum24 wireless LAN (WLAN), while maximizing its security and effectiveness. Give your administrators the tools they need to remotely install, configure and monitor all of your Spectrum24 Access Points from a central location. 
AirDefense Infrastructure Wireless Management Solution AirDefense Infrastructure Wireless Management SolutionMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The AirDefense Infrastructure Management solution offers centralized management and control for the wireless enterprise a single console for multi-vendor, multi-architecture, multi-generation and multi-version WLAN management.
AirDefense Mobile Wireless LAN Management Software AirDefense Mobile Wireless LAN Management SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
AirDefense Mobile simplifies design and implementation of wireless LANs and allows you to conduct quick and accurate scans to ensure the health of your wireless LAN.
AirDefense Network Monitoring Assurance Solution AirDefense Network Monitoring Assurance SolutionMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Motorola AirDefense Network Assurance Solutions offer a unique set of tools for vendor agnostic, WLAN performance monitoring and remote troubleshooting of RF problems. Remote sensors or access points continuously monitor the airwaves.
AirDefense Wireless Network Security and Compliance Solution AirDefense Wireless Network Security and Compliance SolutionMOTOROLA SYMBOL
As wireless LAN deployments increase, so does the challenge to provide these networks with security. The AirDefense Security & Compliance solution includes the most advanced 24x7 wireless monitoring tools which allow IT staff to identify network attacks and vulnerabilities, and to instantly terminate the connection to any rogue device.
AirVU ANSI-VT RF Emulation Software AirVU ANSI-VT RF Emulation SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
AirVU ANSI VT-220 is a member of the AirAWARE family of connectivity solutions for mobile computers. AirVU products provide quick, easy solutions for adding wireless mobile computers to existing applications.
AirVU TN3270/TN5250 Handheld Mobile Emulation AirVU TN3270/TN5250 Handheld Mobile EmulationMOTOROLA SYMBOL
AirVU TN3270 and AirVU TN5250 are members of the AirAWARE family of connectivity solutions for mobile computers. AirVU products are designed to provide quick, easy solutions for customers who want to add basic wireless mobile terminals to existing host-based applications.
AirVU WC400 Mobile Computer Emulation Client AirVU WC400 Mobile Computer Emulation ClientMOTOROLA SYMBOL
As a member of the AirAWARE family of connectivity solutions for mobile computers, the AirVU WC400 client takes advantage of RF friendly protocols to communicate with an IBM AS/400.
LANPlanner Software LANPlanner SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Motorola LANPlanner facilitates quick and accurate planning, design and measurement of robust 802.11a/b/g/n networks for demanding applications in the most challenging environments.
MCL Collection Program Generator MCL Collection Program GeneratorMOTOROLA SYMBOL
MCL-Collection is an integrated set of software tools from Symbol Technologies, Inc. that enables nonprogrammers to create and deploy single or multiple data collection applications easily and quickly. 
mClient 1:1 CRM POS Mobile Software mClient 1:1 CRM POS Mobile SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
mClient 1:1 is a powerful in-store, one-to-one relationship selling solution for increased sales, increased loyalty and improved retention with your most valuable customers. 
Mobility Enterprise Mobility Manager Mobility Enterprise Mobility ManagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Ease the management of your distributed wireless LAN (WLAN) from a single stand-alone campus-style environment to a worldwide network of branch offices. No matter where in the world your WLANs are deployed, SEMM provides the visibility and management capabilities to keep your Symbol wireless and Ethernet switches, access points and access ports operating at peak performance.
Mobilty Pocket Browser Mobilty Pocket BrowserMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Mobile applications are key to leveraging the power, value and return on investment of your mobile solutions. Now, Symbol PocketBrowser can significantly reduce the time and cost associated with mobile application development. This feature-rich, mobile application development tool is designed to allow Web developers to rapidly create robust mobile applications that can include a wide range of advanced data capture capabilities.
Motorola Wireless Manager Network Management Software Motorola Wireless Manager Network Management SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The AP 7181 is a high-performance, multi-radio 802.11n access point featuring superb network capacity, a maximum data rate of 300 Mbps and Motorolas unique intelligent ADEPT (ADvanced Element Panel Technology) antenna system.
PDF417 Barcode Printing PDF417 Barcode PrintingMOTOROLA SYMBOL
PDF stands for "Portable Data File." A two-dimensional symbology, a single PDF417 symbol carries up to 1.1 kilobytes of machine-readable data in a space no larger than a standard bar code.
Portable Applications Library (PAL)/Falcon PAL 2 Portable Applications Library (PAL)/Falcon PAL 2DATALOGIC (PSC)
PSCs Portable Applications Library (PAL) software comes free with every PT 2000 and TopGun portable. PAL is a collection of seven basic applications including inventory control, asset management, and item tracking.
Portable Shopping Application Software Portable Shopping Application SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol Technologies' Portable Shopping Applications (PSA) are easy-to-implement, easy-to-use software modules that turn your Portable Shopping System (PSS) into a powerful shopping solution.
PotStar Barcode Application Generator Software PotStar Barcode Application Generator SoftwareOPTICON
If you want to get the maximum efficiency out of your terminal by fine-tuning many details, then the Professional edition absolutely is the best choice.
Power PEN PAL Application Development Software Power PEN PAL Application Development SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Now there is an application development toolkit just for pen-based computers, such as Symbol's PPT 4100 , PPT 4200 and PPT 4600 hand-held computers. Called PEN PAL, this tightly integrated, event-driven development software can be used to create customized applications. It is also fast and very easy to use.
RF Management Software RF Management SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Empower network administrators with the ability to plan, manage, troubleshoot and monitor your Wi-Fi site from centralized easy-to-use browser-based application.
RF Management Suite RF Management SuiteMOTOROLA SYMBOL
ake control of your wireless LAN and more with RF Management Suite 3 (RFMS 3). This complete management solution provides network and security control throughout the complete lifecycle of your wireless LAN (WLAN) from planning and deployment through day-to-day monitoring and troubleshooting.
The Motorola RTLS Engine is an embedded software-only component of the Motorola wireless switches. The Engine enables accurate location determination and presence detection capabilities for Wi-Fi-based devices, Wi-Fi-based active RFID tags and passive RFID tags.
SEMM Wireless LAN Manager SEMM Wireless LAN ManagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Ease the management of your distributed wireless LAN (WLAN) from a single stand-alone campus-style environment to a worldwide network of branch offices. No matter where in the world your WLANs are deployed, SEMM provides the visibility and management capabilities to keep your Symbol wireless and Ethernet switches, access points and access ports operating at peak performance.
STOREWAVE Retail Price Management Software STOREWAVE Retail Price Management SoftwareMOTOROLA SYMBOL
This software integrates mission-critical applications with a Symbol Spectrum24 wireless network to automate your entire store while linking seamlessly with your client/server environment. Modular by design, it allows you to add more applications as needed. 
Symbol Captra v4.2 Symbol Captra v4.2MOTOROLA SYMBOL
Captra is the most effective mobile computing software solution for small business.  This software solution enables you to efficiently create invoices, prepare estimates, issue purchase orders, review pricing, manage inventory, and update data from virtually anywhere.
Symbol Terminal Enabler Program (STEP) Symbol Terminal Enabler Program (STEP)MOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Symbol Terminal Enabler Program (STEP) integrates the two key elements of every wireless system - your host computer and Symbol Technologies' popular 3000 series of portable radio terminals.
VT220 Terminal Emulator VT220 Terminal EmulatorMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Enhancement to New or Existing RF Networks That Yields Greater Employee and System Productivity.
WaveLink ACTIVEBridge Wireless Legacy Access WaveLink ACTIVEBridge Wireless Legacy AccessMOTOROLA SYMBOL
WaveLink ACTIVEBridge is an ActiveX plug-in to WaveLink Studio that lets Symbol Spectrum One and Spectrum24 networks access legacy systems.
WaveLink SNC24 Wireless Remote Control WaveLink SNC24 Wireless Remote ControlMOTOROLA SYMBOL
WaveLink SNC24 allows you to configure and administer your entire Symbol Spectrum24 network from any Windows NT or Windows 95 host on the network.
WaveLink Soft Network Controller WaveLink Soft Network ControllerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
WaveLink SNC can support up to 447 hand-held devices and 63 transceivers at once, through a maximum of 32 serial LAN connections, using any multi-serial port controller supported by Windows NT or Windows 95.
WaveLink Wireless Development Studio WaveLink Wireless Development StudioMOTOROLA SYMBOL
WaveLink Studio is a comprehensive development suite with a complete set of host-driven tools that help you create and run your own high-quality wireless applications easily and cost-efficiently.
Wireless Intrusion Protection System Wireless Intrusion Protection SystemMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Motorola's Wireless Intrusion Protection System (IPS) is the choice for around-the-clock protection, guarding your 802.11a/b/g wireless network infrastructure, client devices and traffic from a wide variety of threats, and providing the monitoring capability to ensure peak WLAN performance every day. Attacks and unauthorized access to the network are reported in real time to enable immediate response to threats. 
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