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6920 Mobile Communication Server 6920 Mobile Communication ServerINTERMEC
A PC-based solution for a wide range of mobile computers, the Intermec 6920 Mobile Communication Server is a store-and-forward communications software package that manages data between mobile computers and a server host.
AirWatch Smartphone Mobile Device Manager AirWatch Smartphone Mobile Device ManagerINTERMEC
Enterprise smartphone and mobile device management: AirWatch is a web-based, enterprise-grade mobile device and WLAN management solution designed to secure, monitor, manage and support your entire fleet of mobile devices. Highly scalable, functionally robust and easy to use, AirWatch helps guarantee the security of your WLAN network, optimize the performance of your mobile devices, and streamline your supply chain operations.
ArciTech ArciTechINTERMEC
Intermec's ArciTech application eliminates error-prone paper work orders by communicating data directly from a handheld computer.
ERPLabel for mySAP Business Suite ERPLabel for mySAP Business SuiteINTERMEC
As a plug-in for Intermec's LabelShop PRO, ERPLabel provides the interface to your mySAP Business Suite without requiring print command languages or other special development knowledge, making it easy to design and print bar codes.
i-gistics Dispatch Application i-gistics Dispatch ApplicationINTERMEC
Designed for fleet, LTL, and parcel delivery operation, Intermec's i-gistics Dispatch application gives dispatchers visibility to drivers through real-time tracking and two-way communications. 
i-gistics Mobile Delivery i-gistics Mobile DeliveryINTERMEC
Intermec's i-gistics Mobile Delivery application software helps reduce lost shipments, ensure on-time product delivery, and improve customer response time.
iBrowse iBrowseINTERMEC
Intermec iBrowse is a locked-down web browser developed for Intermec Pocket PC and Windows CE devices.
Intermec Launcher Windows Mobile Menu Lock-down Intermec Launcher Windows Mobile Menu Lock-downINTERMEC
Intermec Launcher (formerly iLaunch) is a configurable locked-down menu program that prevents end-users from accessing the start menu and other non-authorized applications.
Intermec Mobile Device Locked-Down Browser Intermec Mobile Device Locked-Down BrowserINTERMEC
Intermec Browser (IB), the next generation of Intermec's popular data collection and lockdown browser (formerly known as iBrowse) and part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is a lockdown Web browser created for enterprises who wish to utilize Web-based applications, but want to control their users' access to the Web.
Intermec Mobile Device Session Persistence Server Intermec Mobile Device Session Persistence ServerINTERMEC
Intermec Session Persistence Server (SPS) is a software product that maintains terminal emulation sessions as mobile computers running Intermec's terminal emulation software roam in and out of WLAN coverage.
Intermec Mobile Device Terminal Emulation Intermec Mobile Device Terminal EmulationINTERMEC
Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE), part of Intermec Client Pack (ICP), is the next generation of Intermecs popular terminal emulation client designed for enterprise-level data collection. It provides a consistent user interface and a common menu structure to simplify the use and management of applications running on Intermec mobile and wireless computers that run terminal emulation within 3270, 5250 and VT/ANSI environments.
Intermec Windows Mobile Development Kit Intermec Windows Mobile Development KitINTERMEC
Empower your software by using Resource Kits to build innovative applications for Intermec products that incorporate the latest mobile, communication and data collection technologies. Resource Kits include tools and resources to take time and complexity out of application development.
LabelShop Printing Software LabelShop Printing SoftwareINTERMEC
Intermec's LabelShop printing software is the ideal in-house print solution for printing labels, tickets and tags. 
MCL- Mobile Data Collection Software Kit MCL- Mobile Data Collection Software KitINTERMEC
MCL-Collection is a software development solution that allows programmers and non-programmers to quickly and easily design, deploy and run data collection applications for in-premise and mobile environments. Optimized for unique requirements of mobile computing, MCL-Collection applications run fast, require less memory efficiently use device and radio resources.
MobiControl Mobile Device Management/Tracking MobiControl Mobile Device Management/TrackingINTERMEC
MobiControl V8: Manage, support, secure, and track your devices anytime, anywhere. SOTI MobiControl is the mobile device management solution of choice for centralized control, robust security, instantaneous support, and enhanced tracking over any network for any size of deployment.
Mobile Document Imaging Mobile Document ImagingINTERMEC
Enhanced Mobile Document Imaging (eMDI) utilizes Intermecs advanced imaging technology to provide a fast and reliable way to convert full size paper documents into electronic files while out on the road. Eliminating the need for flatbed scanners or imaging services, eMDI reduces document management costs, streamlines back office operations, and improves cash flow.
Skynax Mobile Device Management/Control Skynax Mobile Device Management/ControlINTERMEC
Skynax Servers can take you to new levels of control over in-field mobile systems with industry leading file transfer and business logic processing, enhanced security, communications control and efficiency, device software control, and enterprise strength server system failover using truly distributed processing architecture. Skynax is the system for in-field device management and control.
SmartSystems Mobile Device Deployment Manager SmartSystems Mobile Device Deployment ManagerINTERMEC
SmartSystems Foundation is a software platform that provides a single, integrated environment for hands-free deployment and management of devices located anywhere in the enterprise, on-site or remote.
SmartWedge SmartWedgeINTERMEC
Intermec SmartWedge is a software tool that directs scanned data to the application being used. Designed for use with Intermec Bluetooth enabled scanners, SmartWedge enables users to easily connect scanners using the Bluetooth scanner wizard, configure scanners using Intermec settings via a PC, and actively maintains the wireless connection between the PC and scanner during use.
TE2000 Software TE2000 SoftwareINTERMEC
TE 2000, designed for enterprise data collection, is a proven terminal emulation client application for Intermec mobile devices. Improved productivity, reduced errors, and fast return on investment are all benefits you can expect with the use of TE 2000.
VERDEX Parcel Tracking Solution VERDEX Parcel Tracking SolutionINTERMEC
VERDEX is the industry's first proven mobile technology for address extraction and verification. VERDEX is optimized specifically for courier and postal operations, for use at the most effective point parcel collection. In its latest revision, VERDEX now incorporates enhanced OCR technology, and supports the full line of powerful Intermec 70 Series mobile computers.
Wavelink Studio COM Wavelink Studio COMINTERMEC
Wavelink Studio COM, offered by Intermec, is a rapid application development tool that enables developers to build constantly-connected applications for deployment in a dedicated Windows-based client-server environment. It is specifically designed to support mission-critical applications that require real-time data.
Windows Mobile/CE Terminal Emulator/Browser Windows Mobile/CE Terminal Emulator/BrowserINTERMEC
The Intermec Client Pack (ICP) includes both a data-collection terminal emulator (Intermec Terminal Emulator) and a data-collection and lockdown browser (Intermec Browser). These are designed for Intermec computers and provide common clients across multiple device architectures. One ICP license allows you to run both the terminal emulator and browser or either of these on one device. For further details, please follow the links in each section below.
The WWAN Toolkit is a software product developed by Intermec specifically for developers and integrators of Intermec handheld products utilizing Wide Area Wireless (WWAN) radios.
XMLReady printers from Intermec provide an easy way to bar-code enable your Oracle MSCA/WMS system. Lower the Total Cost of Ownership by bypassing middleware the printers are Oracle-Ready out-of-the box.
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