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CETerm Wireless Browser & Terminal Emulation CETerm Wireless Browser & Terminal EmulationHONEYWELL
CETerm provides businesses with access to critical legacy applications running on IBM 3270, AS/400 5250, VT hosts or Web servers, from any Honeywell terminal. It is optimized to leverage the ergonomics of Honeywell terminals to allow you to build superior data collection solutions.
Dolphin Power Tools Dolphin Power ToolsHONEYWELL
Dolphin Power Tools provide users with many varying functions and operations. The tools perform such vital system tasks as retrieving device information, customizing the user interface, working with the registry, pinging the networking, and providing easy access to barcode data.
EasyBCBP Boarding Pass Barcode Parser EasyBCBP Boarding Pass Barcode ParserHONEYWELL
Honeywells EasyBCBP software plug-in parses bar code data found on printed or mobile boarding passes for airport applications such as passenger check in, passenger boarding, security screening, club lounge entry and duty-free store entry.
EasyParse for GS1 Application Identifier Parser EasyParse for GS1 Application Identifier ParserHONEYWELL
Honeywells EasyParse for GS1 software plug-in parses application identifiers (AI) found in various bar code symbologies as outlined in the GS1 General Specifications, and delivers the selected data sets in the format supported by the host application. Powered by Honeywells TotalFreedom open-system architecture, EasyParse for GS1 eliminates the need for host system software to recognize the AIs contained within select bar code symbologies found on various items.
EasyParse Government Issued Vehicle Document Parser EasyParse Government Issued Vehicle Document ParserHONEYWELL
Honeywells EasyParseTM for Motor Vehicle Documents software plugin parses bar code data found on US government-issued non-identity motor vehicle documents, such as vehicle titles and registrations, used by police departments, motor vehicle agencies, vehicle service centers and other organizations.
ITScriptNet OMNI Batch Collection Software ITScriptNet OMNI Batch Collection SoftwareHONEYWELL
ITScriptNet OMNI has the same great design features of ITScriptNet Batch and Batch Plus while offering solution designers a choice of three data transfer modes from the Dolphin terminal: Batch, RF, and Hybrid.
PowerNet Twin Client for Dolphin WLAN Mobile Computers PowerNet Twin Client for Dolphin WLAN Mobile ComputersHONEYWELL
Designed specifically for portable WLAN terminals like the Dolphin family, this software is packed with features that provide customized functionality for wireless data collection, such as keyboard mapping, automated login capabilities, and pass through printing.
Remote Mastermind Device Management Software Remote Mastermind Device Management SoftwareHONEYWELL
The process of managing deviceskeeping the software up-to-date, dealing with multiple operating systems, ensuring proper configurations, and monitoring vital performance indicatorsis time consuming, expensive, and prone to errors. What if you could manage all of these functions on any device within your network, from anywhere in the world, at any time you choose? Thats the power of Remote MasterMind.
SwiftDecoder Bar Code Decoding Software SwiftDecoder Bar Code Decoding SoftwareHONEYWELL
Honeywells SwiftDecoder bar code decoding software has been instrumental in the AIDC industrys acceptance of digital-imaging technology for bar code scanning. Area-imaging scanners powered by SwiftDecoder have industry-leading read rates and aggressively decode virtually all 1D, 2D and postal bar codes
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