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ClearD Address ClearD AddressCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Address modifies as required, updates, normalizes and validates addresses. It then creates and geocodes addresses in the customers customer relationship databases.
ClearD Appointment Scheduling ClearD Appointment SchedulingCLEAR DESTINATION
With the ClearD Appointment Scheduling module, you can schedule deliveries for customers and make booking changes quickly and in real-time.
ClearD Billing ClearD BillingCLEAR DESTINATION
With the ClearD Billing module form Clear Destination, you can quickly generate billing reports for transactions and deliveries.
ClearD Dashboard ClearD DashboardCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Dashboard is our comprehensive, transportation and fleet management tool.
ClearD Data Exchange ClearD Data ExchangeCLEAR DESTINATION
The ClearD Data Exchange module allows you to upload customer data files to the software, where it is then stored and made available for vendors to access.
ClearD Delivery Notifications ClearD Delivery NotificationsCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Delivery Notifications allows you to instantly send out accurate information via phone, SMS, or email notifications. The software allows you to pre-format and automate your messages and can be scheduled so that it is sent an hour prior to the delivery time.
ClearD Drop Ship ClearD Drop ShipCLEAR DESTINATION
Drop shipping begins when a purchase is made through a web- or in-store retailer. The purchase and shipping info are sent to the vendor who now must confirm the order, pack the item, have it shipped out to the customer, and then inform the retailer when the delivery has been made.
ClearD Inbound and Outbound Optimization ClearD Inbound and Outbound OptimizationCLEAR DESTINATION
The ClearD Inbound and Outbound Optimization module optimizes your logistics by designing transportation networks and consolidating freight to create and improve a supply chain.
ClearD Mobile ClearD MobileCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Mobile guides the Mobile Field Operator turn-by-turn easily getting to an intended destination.
ClearD Optima ClearD OptimaCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Optima is our advanced optimization software. It runs on sophisticated heuristic mathematical algorithms that responds to actual transportation and field service patterns. ClearD Optima is a module that delivers a precise and extremely fast shortest end to end distance calculation.
ClearD Power Dialer ClearD Power DialerCLEAR DESTINATION
Ever wondered why you had to wait around all day to have appliances or furniture delivered? Well, with Clear Destination, you dont have to wonder anymore!
ClearD Survey ClearD SurveyCLEAR DESTINATION
The ClearD Survey module automates customer service surveys and collects and stores data on feedback from the customer.
ClearD Tracking ClearD TrackingCLEAR DESTINATION
ClearD Tracking is a location-based service to track mobile fleet vehicles, operators and manages those assets.
ClearD Web Portal ClearD Web PortalCLEAR DESTINATION
With the ClearD Web Portal, customers, retailers, carriers, and vendors can track their deliveries all from a single web application that is customized for their needs.
Web-Based Home Delivery System Web-Based Home Delivery SystemCLEAR DESTINATION
The ClearD Web-Based Home Delivery System automates the home delivery of furniture and appliances for retailers, manufacturers and carriers.
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