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AirWave Mobile Wireless Network Management AirWave Mobile Wireless Network ManagementARUBA NETWORKS
AirWave from Aruba gives IT organizations the end-to-end clarity and centralized control to manage mobile users that connect to multivendor, multisite enterprise networks. AirWave employs a user-centric approach, identifying who is on the network, where they are accessing the network, the mobile devices theyre using, and how much bandwidth is being consumed.
Amigopod Visitor Wireless Network Access Amigopod Visitor Wireless Network AccessARUBA NETWORKS
The Aruba Amigopod family of software and appliances is a scalable, easy-to-use visitor management solution that delivers secure wireless network access to guests, employees and their mobile devices. Guests and employees with mobile devices can self-register for network access and once registered, Amigopod delivers account login credentials to users via SMS text message or email.
Aruba Central Cloud-Based Wireless Management Aruba Central Cloud-Based Wireless ManagementARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba Central is a cloud-based wireless network management system that allows you to streamline the support and management for your Aruba Instant WLAN clusters.
Aruba Enterprise Class Remote Network Solution Aruba Enterprise Class Remote Network SolutionARUBA NETWORKS
The Virtual Branch Network (VBN) brings the corporate network to small offices with up to 60% capital and 75% operational cost savings compared to branch routers. VBN achieves this by using simple, compact and affordable Remote Access Points (RAPs) that are centrally managed.
Aruba Secure Remote Intranet Network Access Aruba Secure Remote Intranet Network AccessARUBA NETWORKS
The Aruba Virtual Intranet Access agent, or VIA, provides secure remote network connectivity for Windows and Apple MacBook laptops.
ClearPass Network Access Management ClearPass Network Access ManagementARUBA NETWORKS
ClearPass from Aruba provides you with all of the access security requirements you need, all from a single system. With ClearPass, you gain access to complete views of users and mobile devices with complete control over what is accessible.
Corporate Network Access Corporate Network AccessARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba remote access solutions let enterprise organizations securely connect mobile workers to the resources they need to get the job done, no matter where they are.
Mobile Device Access Control Mobile Device Access ControlARUBA NETWORKS
The Aruba Mobile Device Access Control (MDAC) solution enables enterprise IT departments to scale their networks to support Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) initiatives.
Mobile Network Access Management Mobile Network Access ManagementARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba remote access solutions let enterprise organizations securely connect mobile workers to the resources they need to get the job done, no matter where they are.
Mobile Virtual Branch Networking Solution Mobile Virtual Branch Networking SolutionARUBA NETWORKS
The increasing distribution of enterprise workforces has resulted in an extraordinary increase in the number of branch and home offices. Arubas cloud-based Virtual Branch Networking (VBN) solution rightsizes the cost of delivering an enterprise-class network to all your users whether they are in the office, at home or on the road.
Public Outdoor Wireless Access Public Outdoor Wireless AccessARUBA NETWORKS
Easily and cost-effectively extend public safety communications with resilient outdoor wireless mesh networks that can significantly enhance public safety and emergency response communications over vast distances and across challenging geographic terrain.
Uninterrupted Wireless Video Conferencing Solution Uninterrupted Wireless Video Conferencing SolutionARUBA NETWORKS
Laptops and smartphones equipped to run unified communications applications such as Microsoft Lync represent a significant opportunity to rightsize networks. With voice and video communications as an application on mobile devices, IT departments can eliminate the need for traditional telecom equipment and networking ports put in place for hardwired phones.
Wi-Fi Network Management Wi-Fi Network ManagementARUBA NETWORKS
Arubas multimedia-grade 802.11n Wi-Fi solutions provide self-optimizing wireless coverage that delivers up to 220% higher capacity than other leading brands. Arubas integrated Wi-Fi architecture eliminates the need for separate security services such as a firewall, VPN and Wireless IPS.
Wireless Campus Mobility Wireless Campus MobilityARUBA NETWORKS
Experience uninterrupted voice and high-definition video even when faced with a mix of devices and applications in a crowded campus environment. Aruba provides a new class of 802.11n wireless LAN (WLAN) that is designed for application performance.
Wireless Network Total Cost of Ownership Wireless Network Total Cost of OwnershipARUBA NETWORKS
Network rightsizing is an infrastructure optimization strategy employed by leading enterprise organizations such as KPMG, the California State University system and many others, to dramatically reduce capital and operating costs.
Wireless Security Standards Compliance Wireless Security Standards ComplianceARUBA NETWORKS
Aruba WLANs are architected with multiple levels of protection to meet todays stringent security requirements. With Aruba, organizations gain a simpler and more cost-effective path to security compliance.
Wireless Voice Over IP Communications Solution Wireless Voice Over IP Communications SolutionARUBA NETWORKS
With voice over Wi-Fi, organizations can guarantee in-building coverage for smartphone, tablet and other mobile voice users while reducing telephony costs. Behind the scenes, using a single wireless LAN (WLAN) for all types of applications simplifies network design and operations and lowers costs.
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