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Bonjour Gateway Apple Software Solution Bonjour Gateway Apple Software SolutionAEROHIVE
Aerohives Bonjour Gateway is design to vastly simplify the support of Apple compatible devices in the enterprise. Of all the solutions available for supporting Bonjour, only the Virtual Bonjour Gateway offers innovative multi-vendor integration, enterprise class control features, and the simplicity of running on a standard VMWare environment.
Client Management Onboarding and Device Control Client Management Onboarding and Device ControlAEROHIVE
Client Management onboarding and device control from Aerohive addresses the latest mobile device explosion, combining device management, configuration, and monitoring with a policy-based network and employee self-service portal.
Cloud VPN Gateway Solution Cloud VPN Gateway SolutionAEROHIVE
Aerohives Cloud VPN Gateway (CVG) is designed to simplify VPN termination for thousands ofremote branch offices in an innovative, new way. The heart of the CVG is a lightweight, software-basedsolution for VMware-compliant equipment; the soul of the CVG is an enterprise-class VPNconcentrator terminating thousands of VPN tunnels from remote access locations.These unique characteristics, combined with HiveOS Routing intelligence, create breakthrough easeof branch office provisioning and management with the license-free pricing thats made Aerohive thenetworking partner of choice for thousands of organizations around the world.
HiveManager Network Management System HiveManager Network Management SystemAEROHIVE
HiveManager is an out-of-band Network Management System (NMS) for simple policy configuration, firmware upgrades, and monitoring of up to thousands of Aerohive 802.11n access points and routers. A revolutionary new user-interface makes it easy and intuitive to create and deploy unified LAN and WLAN policies across your entire network.
HiveOS Wireless Network Operating System HiveOS Wireless Network Operating SystemAEROHIVE
The HiveOs cooperative control system is supported on all of the devices by Aerohive. The software allows the devices to be easily organized and placed into groups which add functionalities like user-based access control, fast roaming, fully stateful firewall policies, and RF networking features.
ID Manager Guest Management System ID Manager Guest Management SystemAEROHIVE
Leveraging the cloud and enterprise management systems, Aerohives ID Manager simplifies and automates the installation and maintenance of guest management systems.
StudentManager WLAN Monitoring and Reporting Application StudentManager WLAN Monitoring and Reporting ApplicationAEROHIVE
Aerohives StudentManager is a WLAN reporting and monitoring system designed for school districts using Aerohive Access Points and provides a powerful method of wireless access control.
TeacherView Classroom Wireless Access Application TeacherView Classroom Wireless Access ApplicationAEROHIVE
TeacherView from Aerohive is a classroom wireless access application that provides a teacher with the classroom status via an intuitive, web interface without requiring any pre-configured parameters.
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