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7030 Freezer Terminal 7030 Freezer TerminalPSION TEKLOGIX
Packed into a rugged, portable unit, the powerful 7030 is the first heated hand-held terminal engineered to perform in condensing environments fluctuating from a humid 50 C/122 F down to an icy -30 C/-22 F
7030 Hand-Held Terminal 7030 Hand-Held TerminalPSION TEKLOGIX
The 7030 is engineered to excel in harsh working environments, including manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and intermodal operations.
7035 Freezer Computer 7035 Freezer ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
It is ideal in cold storage and yard applications, combining real-time accuracy, speed, ruggedness and ease of use.
7035 Hand-Held Terminal Emulation 7035 Hand-Held Terminal EmulationPSION TEKLOGIX
The 7035 hand-held, user-programmable computer offers the ideal solution, combining real-time accuracy, speed, ruggedness and ease of use.
7530 Extreme Environment Computer 7530 Extreme Environment ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
The 7530 is designed to stand up to the harshest and most extreme environments and deliver the solution uptime.
7535 Windows CE.NET Hand-Held Computer 7535 Windows CE.NET Hand-Held ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
A Windows CE.NET hand-held computer that combines leading-edge technologies with class-leading ruggedness and ergonomics to deliver the performance, durability and usability required for mobile data collection in harsh environments.
EP10 Courier Delivery Handheld Scanner EP10 Courier Delivery Handheld ScannerPSION TEKLOGIX
Unlike consumer-grade hardware, EP10 is optimized for commercial and industrial applications. It delivers all the performance of Psions premium industrial handhelds in a more affordable, compact form.
Ikon Rugged Hand-Held Computer Ikon Rugged Hand-Held ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
Is there anything it can't do? Take a Windows PDA with 3G HSDPA. Add more radio capabilities with GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth. Give it a camera and a full VGA display. Design it with Natural Task Support the best ergonomics in the business. Now drop it on to concrete from five feet. In the shower. Pick it up and get to work. You've just invented the Ikn.
Neo Hand-Held Multi-Purpose Computer Neo Hand-Held Multi-Purpose ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
You need smaller, lighter data collection tools. But you wont compromise on power or functionality. Now you dont have to
Omnii RT15 Transportation Mobile Computer Omnii RT15 Transportation Mobile ComputerOPTICON
The new Omnii RT15 is the result of requests for a sleeker, customer-facing device thats rugged enough to handle unforgiving field environments. It combines modularity, performance and durability for mobile workers.
Omnii XT10 Supply Chain Handheld Computer Omnii XT10 Supply Chain Handheld ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
Designed specifically for the ultra-tough demands of the supply chain & logistics market, the all-new Omnii XT10 was developed based on our decades of SCL leadership coupled with extensive feedback from users and customers.
Omnii XT15 Industrial Environment Mobile Computer Omnii XT15 Industrial Environment Mobile ComputerOPTICON
The Omnii XT15 is uniquely adaptive by design combining extreme versatility with open innovation to deliver the flexibility you require to adapt as your business needs change.
Omnii XT15f Cold Storage Mobile Computer Omnii XT15f Cold Storage Mobile ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
The cold storage industry requires that you have a special type of handheld devices. Devices that are durable enough and are capable of withstanding the coldest of environments, the buildup of ice as well as freezing condensation.
Workabout mx, mx Scanner & mx Wand Workabout mx, mx Scanner & mx WandPSION TEKLOGIX
The Workabout mx is rugged, lightweight and powerful, making it the ideal choice for mobile workers in a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.
Workabout Pro 3 Warehousing Mobile Computer Workabout Pro 3 Warehousing Mobile ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
Created for the mobile worker, the WORKABOUT PRO 3 is ideal for employees across a range of industries, including mobile field services, logistics, warehousing, transportation, manufacturing and more.
This device delivers the performance, ruggedness and durability required for mobile data collection in harsh environments in a very userfriendly, ergonomic package.
WORKABOUT PRO Rugged Hand-Held Computer WORKABOUT PRO Rugged Hand-Held ComputerPSION TEKLOGIX
The WORKABOUT PRO has hardware expansion slots that make adding new modules fast and easy -- theres a whole range of add-ons already available -- everything from fingerprint scanners to the largest selection of RFID readers on any handheld device. Period. It just might be the most flexible, intelligent, rugged handheld computer ever made... 
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