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2410 Keypad Handheld Computer 2410 Keypad Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
The durable 2410 handheld weighs less than 400 grams (14 oz.) making it ideal for your batch applications in either retail, commercial or light industrial operations.
2415 RF Wireless Handheld 2415 RF Wireless HandheldINTERMEC
The small size, durability and light weight of the 2415 wireless handheld make it ideally-suited for a wide range of data collection operations in industrial, retail, warehousing, logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare applications.
2420 Keypad Handheld Computer 2420 Keypad Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
The 2420 is a full-featured terminal suited to inventory control, asset management, item tracking, maintenance management and other off-line data collection applications.
2425 RF Keypad Handheld Computer 2425 RF Keypad Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
A durable wireless version of the 2420, the 2425 is a cost-effective and reliable solution for collecting data in manufacturing, distribution and warehouse environments.
2425CS Intrinsically (I-Safe) Keypad Handheld Computer 2425CS Intrinsically (I-Safe) Keypad Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
The Intrinsically Safe 2425CS handheld is SIRA certified and UL listed and provides protection in hazardous areas containing dust, vapor, and gas, even after repeated drops.
2435 RF Wireless Thin Client Computer 2435 RF Wireless Thin Client ComputerINTERMEC
For years, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution and retail customers have favored the 2400 series reliability, ease of integration and inherent investment protection. 
5020 Windows CE Handheld Computer (Raptor) 5020 Windows CE Handheld Computer (Raptor)INTERMEC
The 5020 combines Windows CE with wireless networking, graphics and a value-added intelligent data server that allows users to perform complex, even multiple task quickly, without the need for the user to navigate through different screens.
5023 Windows CE Handheld Computer (Raptor) 5023 Windows CE Handheld Computer (Raptor)INTERMEC
The Intermec 5023 data collection PC is part of an open systems enterprise data collection solution that makes operations more efficient.
6220 Rugged Handheld Computer 6220 Rugged Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec 6220 mobile computer provides a high-function computer in a rugged, yet comfortable form. The Intermec 6220 has 16MB of internal RAM allowing the user to run complex applications and gather on-going historical data.
6400 Handheld Computer 6400 Handheld ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec 6400 is a powerful MS-DOS based handheld PC; Lightweight and ergonomically designed, the 6400 provides worker comfort for extended, uninterrupted use, superior processing power and rugged durability, and the 6400 is the solution for greatly enhancing the productivity of your workforce.
700 Series Color Mobile Computer 700 Series Color Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Bringing updated radio and scanning technologies, and a full shift battery life, to the front-line worker, the Intermec models 741B, 751B and 761B mobile computers can withstand the rigors of in-premise and in-field applications.
730 I-Safe Mobile Computer 730 I-Safe Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Intermecs 730 Intrinsically Safe (I-Safe) certified device provides for the ability to extend the 700 Color Series mobile application benefits into hazardous industrial locations where flammable gases, combustible dusts or ignitable fibers may be present.
730B Mobile Computer 730B Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
With its durable, compact form factor and rich feature set, the Intermec 730 color mobile computer is ideally suited for a variety of in-premise data collection tasks. The 730 is equipped with local area and personal area wireless radios, and a revolutionary linear imager that delivers high-speed barcode reading.
CK1 Handheld Automatic Data Collection CK1 Handheld Automatic Data CollectionINTERMEC
CK1 is a powerful and flexible batch data collection terminal for retail, light industrial, and medical/pharmaceutical applications requiring small-sized ergonomics at an economical price.
CK3 Series Mobile Computer CK3 Series Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The CK3, with Windows Mobile 6.1 and all imager-based scanning, packs a breadth of capabilities into a slim case, allowing users to easily and comfortably adapt to ever-changing data capture and communications needs, now and in the future. 
CK3 Series Warehouse Systems Mobile Computer CK3 Series Warehouse Systems Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The CK3 packs a breadth of capabilities into a slim case, allowing users to easily and comfortably adapt to ever-changing data capture and communications needs, both today and in the future.
CK30 Mobile Data Collection Terminal CK30 Mobile Data Collection TerminalINTERMEC
The CK30 delivers the right blend of features and performance with the Microsoft Windows CE .NET operating system, designed to provide the optimum combination of real time operation, tools support and standard connectivity available today for battery driven, mobile data collection devices.
CK31 Mobile Windows CE .NET Computer CK31 Mobile Windows CE .NET ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CK31 mobile data collection terminal continues the tradition of delivering on Intermecs promise of rugged, reliable computing, thoughtful ergonomic design and high throughput.
CK31ex Mobile Computer CK31ex Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Integrating the industrys only near-far area imager, the rugged CK31ex mobile computer changes the game in warehouse productivity. With the CK31ex, users can scan 1D, 2D, composite and postal codes, capture images for proof-of-delivery, and wirelessly connect to corporate networks, eliminating the need for multiple devices and readying your operations for the future.
CK32 Intrinsically Safe Mobile Computer CK32 Intrinsically Safe Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Certified to meet the highest ratings from UL, ATEX and IECEx, the powerful CK32IS mobile computer delivers real-time information when and where you need it. The CK32IS is designed from inception to provide double-fault, intrinsically safe computing in even the most hazardous environments, and can be deployed virtually anywhere in the world.
CK3R Mobile Computer CK3R Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
> The CK3R mobile computer from Intermec keeps your workers productive by automating data collection tasks and providing a high performance scanning solution.
CK3X Mobile Computer CK3X Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The CK3X mobile computer extends the popular design of Intermecs CK3 model and boosts its power, giving you a scanning solution that allows for more accurate reading of barcodes.
CK60 Touchscreen Mobile Computer CK60 Touchscreen Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The CK60 utilizes a magnesium top cover and tough rubber bumpers at each corner to achieve extremely rugged environmental specifications. The case is sealed against water and dust to IP64 standards to ensure years of trouble-free service.
CK61 Mobile Computer CK61 Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Intermec's CK61 mobile computer provides everything required by the most demanding environments; a rugged design, all-day battery capacity, next generation processor technologies, and non-volatile storage combine to provide years of reliable service. The Intermec CK61 does it all.
CK61EX Mobile Computer CK61EX Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The Windows Mobile based CK61ex integrates breakthrough EX imaging technology in an ultra-rugged handheld computer, enabling users to scan any kind of barcode, in any orientation, from 6 inches to 50 feet away, and capture images too. 
CK70 Courier Mobile Computer CK70 Courier Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CK70 is the next-generation, ultra-rugged mobile computing solution with purpose-built design optimized for demanding courier express and parcel environments, enabling increased user efficiency for improved customer service and service-level-agreement compliance.
CK71 Warehouse Mobile Computer CK71 Warehouse Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CK71 is the no-compromise, next-generation ultra-rugged mobile computer that achieves true functional agility with the perfect balance of ruggedness, duty cycle, and ergonomics for the most demanding warehouse-distribution and manufacturing environments.
CN2 Mobile Computer CN2 Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The CN2 Mobile Computer builds upon the success of Intermec Technologies existing line of pen based mobile computers. The CN2 features a compact design, allowing it to fit into a shirt pocket, and delivers a reliable and rugged mobile data collection device.
CN2B Mobile Computer CN2B Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The RoHs compliant CN2B combines the convenience of shirt pocket size for the ultimate in mobility, with all the ruggedness and reliability you've come to expect from Intermec, the number one supplier of rugged pocket PCs for the enterprise.
CN3 Mobile Computer System CN3 Mobile Computer SystemINTERMEC
The CN3 establishes a new standard for retail enterprise mobile computing that maximizes flexibility, optimizes ROI and results in lower investment and supporting costs.
CN3e Mobile Keyboard Computer CN3e Mobile Keyboard ComputerINTERMEC
A mid-sized extension to the popular CN3 mobile computing platform, the rugged CN3e features an enlarged keypad for mobile in-field applications that demand intensive key-based data entry. Ideal for DSD and ITV, the CN3e features optional integrated GPS, extensive voice and data services (including 3G EV-DO or EDGE), and a complete array of user-installable accessories.
CN4 Mobile Computer CN4 Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
With integrated 3.5G wireless technology, the fully rugged Intermec CN4 enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering, and overhead reductions. 
CN4e Mobile Computer CN4e Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The fully rugged Intermec CN4e mobile computer with enlarged keyboard and integrated 3.5G enables enterprises to leverage the benefits of high bandwidth data collection and communications to achieve gains in worker productivity, improvements in service offering and overhead reductions.  
CN50 Mobile Computer CN50 Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CN50 is the only 3.75G wireless mobile computer that combines a small and light-weight form factor with a rugged design to deliver the most advanced, high performance voice and data communication solution specifically designed for the highly mobile field worker. 
CN70 Field-Mobility Barcode Computer CN70 Field-Mobility Barcode ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CN70 is ideal for field-mobility applications that demand a compact form factor with no compromise on ruggedness. Next-generation architecture, combined with market-leading wireless communications and data capture capabilities, delivers optimal worker productivity.
CN70e Pickup and Delivery Mobile Computer CN70e Pickup and Delivery Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
The Intermec CN70e incorporates industry-leading ergonomics with a large, numeric keypad that makes it optimal for direct-store-delivery applications. Its ultra-rugged design, multi-core processor, low power consumption, extended battery life, and motion-tolerant scanner ensure maximum worker efficiency.
CS40 Field Service Mobile Computer CS40 Field Service Mobile ComputerINTERMEC
Intermec's CS40 is designed specifically for mobile field professionals who need productivity and reliability beyond a smart phone. The CS40 is Intermec's smallest rugged mobile computer.
i.roc Ci70 Intrinsically Safe Mobile i.roc Ci70 Intrinsically Safe MobileINTERMEC
The i.roc Ci70 from Intermec provides the best-in-class solution for applications in pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and chemical industries.
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