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Fixed TerminalsFixed Terminals
Stationary terminals used for the collection and management of data in such industrial environments as transportation hubs, distribution centers, warehouses, and manufacturing floors.
Mobile ComputersMobile Computers
Ruggedized laptops specially built to stand up to harsh industrial and commercial environments. Mobile computers are used for many commercial applications such as shop floor data collection and retail mobile POS.
Portable Keypad ComputersPortable Keypad Computers
Hand-held computers for data collection that include display screens, keypads, and the latest data processing and barcode scanning features. Can be equipped with connectivity to wireless wide-area networks (WWAN) or wireless local area networks (WLAN).
Portable Touch ComputersPortable Touch Computers
Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Windows CE, or Android platforms with features to enhance productivity: barcode scanning and anytime/anywhere wireless communications. These are rugged handheld mobile computers used in industrial and commercial applications.
Tablet ComputersTablet Computers
Windows and android tablet computers for enhancing productivity with options including barcode scanning and the ability to wirelessly perform many business functions anywhere in real time.
Vehicle Mount TerminalsVehicle Mount Terminals
Industrial terminals mounted on forklifts, trucks, or other transportation vehicles for wirelessly collecting and communicating data in difficult environments. Mobile computers mounted on vehicles puts data and computing power where it's needed.
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