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HC1 Headset Computer HC1 Headset ComputerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
With the HC1 from Motorola Solutions, you get the power to do mobile computing on a whole new level. You can instantly access and view complex schematics and critical business documents with a simple movement of your head or voice command.
IS4200 Hands Free Wearable Scanner IS4200 Hands Free Wearable ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
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The IS4200 from Metrologic is a fully-automatic, single-line laser scanner. The device combines patented activation technology with a wearable design to provide an intuitive, hands-free scanning solution.
RS1 Ring Scanner RS1 Ring ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Laser Scanner You Wear on Your Finger to Read Bar Codes without Interrupting Workflow. The RS 1 Ring Scanner redefines point and shoot scanning.
RS309 Hands-Free Warehouse Barcode Scanner RS309 Hands-Free Warehouse Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Improve productivity in picking, packing and put-away operations from the warehouse aisles to the freezer with the RS309.
RS409 Ring Scanner RS409 Ring ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Put the latest in scanning technology at the fingertips of your workers with the RS409 Ring Scanner. Worn directly on the finger or over a gloved hand, the RS409 combines all-day hands-free comfort with real-time high-performance scanning, boosting productivity and reducing errors and costs throughout the enterprise for a rapid return on investment.
RS419 Hands-Free Wearable Ring Scanner RS419 Hands-Free Wearable Ring ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Enable your workers with next generation hands-free scanning to improve operational efficiency in your warehouse, distribution center or retail store with the RS419 ring-style scanner.
RS507 Hands-free Corded/Cordless Imager RS507 Hands-free Corded/Cordless ImagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The RS507 imager combines superior technology, an intuitive design, and a variety of functionalities in order to improve worker productivity in package handling and other warehouse applications.
SB1 Smart Badge SB1 Smart BadgeMOTOROLA SYMBOL
ith Motorola's SB1 Smart Badge, you can help your associates to better serve your customers. This is a new category of mobile devices, the Smart Badge can be worn around an arm, belt or even neck and it allows your shoppers to identify your associates as well as giving your associates the ability to scan barcodes and to answer questions on product inventory or pricing.
SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
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a compact, unique scanning device that easily fits in your hand or clipped to your waist. An extremely durable scanner with a wireless personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth communication protocol.
SRS1 Wearable Ring Barcode Scanner SRS1 Wearable Ring Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The lightweight SRS-1 Ring Scanner from Symbol Technologies features the latest miniaturized scan engine and represents the first in a new generation of wearable scanning solutions. 
W200 Wearable Computer W200 Wearable ComputerGLACIER COMPUTER
The W200 Wearable Computer is a powerful computing device designed to be attached comfortably to the user's wrist for hands-free operation. Since the W200 is attached to the operator, the likelihood of dropping or losing the device is greatly reduced. The W200 is of special interest to any area where hands-free access to large amounts of information or data capture is necessary.
W250 Rugged Wearable Computer W250 Rugged Wearable ComputerGLACIER COMPUTER
The ultra rugged, W250 wearable computer is designed to withstand the most severe conditions while giving the user totally hands-free mobility. The W250 case is made of fiberglass reinforced nylon and magnesium alloy. The high resolution display and touchscreen is protected by a special film and protects the unit against damage from water, dust, etc.
WS1200LR Wearable Barcode Scanner WS1200LR Wearable Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Cabled to Symbol's wearable computer, the WS 1200-LR is worn on the back of the hand and triggered by a low profile, thumb-activated switch that fits securely on an index finger. The scanner is exceptionally well suited activities such as order picking, stock pulling, and put-away.
WSS1000 Wearable Scanning Computer WSS1000 Wearable Scanning ComputerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
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The WSS 1000 Wearable Scanning System. Nothing else comes close for form, fit and function. Nothing else can so dramatically increase the efficiency of your workplace.
WSS1040 and WSS1060 Finger Scanner WSS1040 and WSS1060 Finger ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
*See Also: Data Collection Terminals > Portable Keypad Computers > Motorola Symbol
The WSS 1040 and WSS 1060 Scanning Systems from Symbol Technologies help users achieve new levels of productivity and accuracy while advanced ergonomics make them easy to use and comfortable to wear.
WT4000 Series Wearable Terminal WT4000 Series Wearable TerminalMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Equip your workers with the WT4000 Series Wearable Terminal to provide them with a hands-free mobile computer to achieve enhanced levels of productivity, mobility, accuracy, and operational efficiency.
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