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CA50 Wireless Barcode Scanner CA50 Wireless Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The compact CA50 is VoIP enabled and allows your workforce to work more productively because of the cost efficient delivery of voice, wireless barcode scanning, text messaging, and support of basic data applications over wireless LAN.
Cobra  LS1900 Document Tracking Barcode Scanner Cobra LS1900 Document Tracking Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Cobra LS 1900 is designed to fit your hand and your budget. Its sleek, lightweight, ergonomic design is perfectly balanced to minimize operator strain while maximizing comfort.
CS3000 Series Economic Pocket Barcode Scanner CS3000 Series Economic Pocket Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Motorola CS3000 Series Economic Pocket Barcode Scanner provides an affordable, compact mobile scanner for implementing 1D laser scanning when space or cost is constrained. This tiny scanner is capable of being carried around in a pocket or attached to a lanyard.
DS3400 Series of Rugged Bar Code Scanners DS3400 Series of Rugged Bar Code ScannersMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Symbol DS3400 Series of rugged scanners brings high performance data capture to harsh industrial environments. Using digital imaging technology, this family of scanners quickly and accurately captures 1D and 2D bar codes, images and direct part marks, and is available in a number of models to meet diverse needs.
DS3407 Motorola Barcode Scanner DS3407 Motorola Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS3407 digital scanner reads both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes, as well as captures and transfers images. 
DS3408 Digital Scanner DS3408 Digital ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Symbol DS3400 Series of rugged digital scanners uses digital imaging technology to accurately read a wide variety of one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes and direct part marks (DPM) while offering the high performance typically found only in laser scanners. 
DS3408-SF20005 Vehicle Emission Analyzer Barcode Scanner DS3408-SF20005 Vehicle Emission Analyzer Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS3408-SF20005 Barcode Scanner is designed to be compatible with any EEEA134A Vehicle Emission Analyzer (SIS/JB/OBIS) which runs on OBIS or Bar-97 software.
DS3478-SF Cordless Rugged Scanner DS3478-SF Cordless Rugged ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS3478-SF is a cordless, rugged scanner built for tough environments.
DS3500-ER Rugged Extended Range Barcode Scanner DS3500-ER Rugged Extended Range Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
With Motorolas maximum rugged specifications, the DS3500-ER Series of full-range scanners can handle whatever comes its way. The DS3500-ER Series allows you to scan different types of bar codes across a wide range of distances from near contact to as far as 30 feet away.
DS3578 Rugged Bluetooth Imager Scanner DS3578 Rugged Bluetooth Imager ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS3578 Rugged Bluetooth Imager provides wireless, omni-directional 1D and 2D image scanning and brings powerful data capturing performance to tough, industrial environments.
DS4208 General Purpose Imager Scanner DS4208 General Purpose Imager ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS4208 delivers the blazing speed typical of laser scanners on both 1D and 2D bar codes, allowing you to accommodate 2D bar codes without sacrificing scanning quality or performance.
DS6607 Handheld Barcode Scanner DS6607 Handheld Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
With its ability to scan and transfer images, the DS6607 is ideal for your digital document storage and processing applications.
DS6608 Motorola Handheld Scanner DS6608 Motorola Handheld ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
By accurately reading both one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) symbologies, the DS6608 lets you manage mixed-use reading requirements without having to buy or manage additional devices.
DS6700 Handheld Digital Imager Scanner DS6700 Handheld Digital Imager ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS6700 handheld device is a 1D/2D imager scanner which functions as a barcode scanner, document scanner, and digital camera.
LI4278 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner LI4278 Wireless Handheld Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LI4278 Wireless Handheld Barcode Scanner brings 1D barcode scanning to the next level, providing users with the capabilities to scan virtually any 1D barcode.
LS1203 Symbol Technologies Barcode Scanner LS1203 Symbol Technologies Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS1203 handheld scanner is ideal for gift shops, boutiques, video, sporting goods stores, jewelers, florists and more. Easy to use, it delivers high quality laser scanning at an affordable price.
LS1203HD General Purpose Handheld Scanner LS1203HD General Purpose Handheld ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS1203-HD handheld scanner is designed for electronics manufacturers who need to scan small, high density 1D bar codes on PCB assemblies for track, trace, quality and other applications.
LS2208 Hand-Held Barcode Scanner LS2208 Hand-Held Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS2208 provides an affordable solution to your handheld scanning needs, allowing you to increase productivity, whether it be in the stockroom or at a point of sale.
LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner LS3008 Rugged Handheld ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Motorolas LS3008 Rugged Handheld Scanner features a lightweight, ergonomic design for improved productivity in healthcare, light industrial, and retail environments.
LS3408ER Extended Range Rugged Scanner LS3408ER Extended Range Rugged ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The rugged LS 3408ER handheld scanner from Symbol Technologies, the Enterprise Mobility Company, delivers superior performance and versatility for your scan-intensive industrial applications.
LS3408FZ Rugged Industrial Barcode Scanner LS3408FZ Rugged Industrial Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Motorolas LS3408-FZ Rugged Industrial Barcode Scanner enables workers to accurately and quickly capture all 1D barcodes, even those which are dirty or damaged. This handheld, corded barcode scanner is equipped with fuzzy logic technology for quickly and accurately capturing data.
LS3478-ER Cordless Rugged Scanner LS3478-ER Cordless Rugged ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS3478-ER cordless rugged scanner scans all one-dimensional (1D) bar codes from practically anywhere, making it ideal for a warehouse or manufacturing facility. 
LS3478-FZ Cordless Rugged Scanner LS3478-FZ Cordless Rugged ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
This cordless, rugged scanner captures all one-dimensional (1D) bar codes even when dirty, damaged or poorly printed. 
LS3578-ER Cordless Motorola Barcode Scanner LS3578-ER Cordless Motorola Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS3578-ER 1D barcode scanner provides workers with a cordless scanner with a large working range. It is capable of reading labels from .25 inches to 45 feet away.
LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS3578-FZ Motorola Bluetooth Scanner provides rugged, accurate barcode scanning with fuzzy logic technology, allowing for first-pass reads of almost any 1D barcode, even if it is damaged or dirty.
LS4008i Handheld Barcode Scanner LS4008i Handheld Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
LS 4008i combines superior bar code scanning performance and flexible host connectivity with maximum user comfort at a highly attractive pricebacked by Symbol's 5 Year Plus warranty. 
LS4208 Handheld Barcode Scanner LS4208 Handheld Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The Symbol LS4208 Handheld Barcode Scanner offers exceptional laser scanning performance packed into an intuitive, portable casing.
LS4278 Cordless Handheld Barcode Scanner LS4278 Cordless Handheld Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol's LS4278 Bluetooth- enabled cordless laser handheld scanner delivers superior scanning anywhere in the workplace, helping boost productivity and profitability. The LS4278 is an outstanding choice for retail, healthcare or light industrial environments.


CS1504 Consumer Memory Scanner CS1504 Consumer Memory ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
While Web access has given customers the freedom to shop anytime, the CS 1504 Consumer Memory Scanner from Symbol Technologies gives them true mobility to shop anywhere.
CS2000 Consumer Memory Scanner CS2000 Consumer Memory ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The revolutionary CS 2000 Consumer Memory Scanner from Symbol Technologies builds customer loyalty by making electronic shopping the ultimate in speed and convenience.
Cyclone M2000 Convenience Store Barcode Scanner Cyclone M2000 Convenience Store Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
A smart investment, Symbol's innovative new scanner is future-ready now. The Cyclone scanner decodes existing, new and emerging bar code symbologies instantly.
HotShot LS 2100 Best Value Barcode Scanner HotShot LS 2100 Best Value Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The ergonomically designed HotShot LS 2100 Series of scanners are the best-value hand-held scanners in their class. HotShot's feature set are ideal for office automation functions and for scan-intensive applications in sporting goods stores, video rental establishments and music/CD stores.
KS3000 Heated Freezer Scanner KS3000 Heated Freezer ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The KS 3000 Series of heated scanners represents another breakthrough from the industry leader in bar code data collection. This scanner is designed to eliminate exit window condensation when moving from the freezer to normal room temperatures. 
LS3064MX Memory Scanner LS3064MX Memory ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
No other scanner combines such a wide range of features and benefits in a single unit. That means that no other scanner can do as many jobs in as many places. In retail environments, the LS 3064MX is perfect for pre-check or point-of-sale applications during the day, while doubling as a scanner that can be used for inventory checking or goods receiving tasks after hours.
LS3070 Cordless Scanner LS3070 Cordless ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS 3070 Cordless Scanner is the first scanner that goes where you go --anywhere up to 50 feet from your host. That's because the LS 3070 uses unlicensed low-power radio frequency (RF) transmissions to communicate with your host computer.
LS3200 Hand-Held Laser Scanner LS3200 Hand-Held Laser ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS 3200 Scanner Series is the latest generation of hand-held laser scanners developed specifically for rugged applications. The LS 3200 builds on the proven design of our LS 3000 Scanner Series, recognized around the globe for fast, accurate bar code reading and reliability.
LS3200ER Extended Range Scanner LS3200ER Extended Range ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
In warehousing, transportation and other industrial applications...when a scanner has to be rugged yet versatile in order to read a broad range of symbol densities - both close up and at long temperature extremes or rigorous conditions...the scanner to choose is Symbol Technologies' LS 3200ER Extended-Range Scanner. 
LS3603 Premium Performance Scanner LS3603 Premium Performance ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol Technologies' LS 3603 Laser Scanner brings you the highest level of scanning performance available today.  Symbol's patented "fuzzy logic" technology delivers the first scanner with artificial intelligence for aggressive, "smart" scanning.
LS4000i Point-of-Sale Barcode Scanning LS4000i Point-of-Sale Barcode ScanningMOTOROLA SYMBOL
For superior bar code scanning performance with maximum user comfort at a highly attractive price, the LS 4000i Scanner Series from Symbol Technologies establishes an award-winning standard of excellence. 
LS4071 Cableless Barcode Scanner LS4071 Cableless Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS 4071 scanner from Symbol Technologies offers cableless scanning operation for greater flexibility, mobility and user friendliness. Ergonomically designed with the operator in mind, the LS 4071 also provides excellent scanning performance superior to competitive corded scanners.
LS4800 2D Scanner LS4800 2D ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol Technologies took the most advanced, high-speed 2-D laser technology and combined it with easy-to-use "aim-and-shoot" operation for fast, unmatched scanning performance both on PDF417 and 1-D bar code symbologies. The ergonomic design of the LS 4800 features an integrated decoder and optional integrated battery pack for portable scanning applications.
LS6000i Handheld Omni-Directional Scanner LS6000i Handheld Omni-Directional ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The next step in data capture for many retail environments, the LS 6000i Omni-Directional Scanner Series combines the superior ergonomics and single-line capabilities of our small "point-and-scan" hand-held scanners with the productivity benefits of our high-performance "can't miss-first pass" omni-directional scan pattern.
LT1800 LaserTouch Triggerless Barcode Scanner LT1800 LaserTouch Triggerless Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
For the fastest, easiest-to-use automatic triggerless scanners for all your close range scanning needs, the proven LT 1800 LaserTouch Scanner Series from Symbol Technologies is the clear choice.
P300FZY Industrial Handheld Scanner P300FZY Industrial Handheld ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
It offers an unsurpassed ability to quickly and accurately read damaged, dirty and poorly printed bar codes that are commonly found in rugged industrial environments.
P300IMG Rugged Handheld Imager P300IMG Rugged Handheld ImagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
This industrial handheld imager is perfect for applications requiring not only 1-D and 2-D omni-directional scanning but also the ability to capture images and signatures.
P300PRO Extreme Temperature Barcode Reader P300PRO Extreme Temperature Barcode ReaderMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The P300PRO offers more than just an award-winning ergonomic shape, it provides time-saving features like laser spot mode and smart raster to deliver unrivaled sub-second decoding on both 2-D and 1-D symbols.
P300STD Barcode Phaser P300STD Barcode PhaserMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol introduces the P300STD undecoded industrial hand-held scanner for reading conventional 1-D bar codes in rugged industrial environments. Utilizing Symbol's high-performance SE1200HP scan engine the P300STD offers the highest level of scanning efficiency available today.
Spark LS1000 Synapse Cable Spark LS1000 Synapse CableMOTOROLA SYMBOL (RETIRED PRODUCT) 
Symbol Spark LS 1000 Scanner Series is big on performance, but easy on your budget. Symbol Spark is faster, more compact, and has a better working range. Engineered with Symbol's patented scanning technology and a lightweight ergonomic design, the Symbol Spark LS 1000 brings you Symbol quality and reliability at a price that's within your reach.
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