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1300g Jewelry Barcode Reader 1300g Jewelry Barcode ReaderHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
The 1300g provides fast intuitive reading of 13 mil bar codes out to 18 inches (457 mm), as well as reading of high density bar codes as small as 3 mil are both enabled in a single device, eliminating the need to purchase specialty scanners.
IS4225 ScanGlove Laser Scanner IS4225 ScanGlove Laser ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Metrologics IS4225 automatic wearable single-line laser scanner increases productivity by providing a flexible solution to a variety of 1D bar-code scanning applications. Lightweight and durable, IS4225 can be used as a back-of-hand scanner for increased mobility or a stationary presentation scanner for tight spaces. Automatic scanning operation provides easy and simple data capture.
MS1633 FocusBT Handheld Omnidirectional Scanner MS1633 FocusBT Handheld Omnidirectional ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Perfect for healthcare, retail and supply-chain applications, this wireless area imager combines the freedom of Bluetooth with qualities already found in the popular Focus MS1690, the industry's leading hand-held area imager. FocusBT's FirstFlash technology decodes all standard 1D, 2D, RSS, PDF417, microPDF, EAN/UCC Composite, Matrix and Postal Codes.
MS1890 Focus Omnidirectional Scanner MS1890 Focus Omnidirectional ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Metrologics MS1890 Focus maximizes productivity with a set of features previously unavailable in rugged area imagers. Engineered to withstand two-meter falls, this IP54-rated hand-held omnidirectional imager precisely executes retail back-of-store, manufacturing and transportation and logistics applications.
MS3780 Fusion Omnidirectional Scanner MS3780 Fusion Omnidirectional ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Metrologics Fusion combines omnidirectional and single-line laser bar code scanning into a lightweight, ergonomic hand-held form factor. The 20-line scan pattern provides superior scanning over existing single-line scanners making Fusion ideal for medium-volume retailers including specialty stores, pharmacies, liquor stores, and convenience stores.
MS5145 Eclipse Hand-Held Laser Scanner MS5145 Eclipse Hand-Held Laser ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Equipped with CodeGate technology, Eclipse can easily target the desired bar code and complete the data transmission with a simple press of a button.
MS9520 Voyager Reduced Space Symbology RSS Scanner MS9520 Voyager Reduced Space Symbology RSS ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
The Voyager replaces the MS951, it adds many new and innovative standard features such as Flash ROM, data editing, and PowerLink user replaceable cables.
MS9521 and MS9541 VoyagerHD High Density Barcode Scanner MS9521 and MS9541 VoyagerHD High Density Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
VoyagerHD is a higher performance single line laser bar code scanner capable of scanning high density (3 mil) bar codes.
MS9524 and MS9544 Voyager PDF417 Barcode Scanner MS9524 and MS9544 Voyager PDF417 Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Voyager is a handheld bar code scanner capable of decoding all standard 1D, 2D (PDF417), RSS and composite symbologies.
MS9535 VoyagerBT Wireless Barcode Scanner MS9535 VoyagerBT Wireless Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
VoyagerBT is a wireless, laser bar code scanner designed for low to medium throughput Point of Sale (POS) or light warehouse applications where the convenience of a wireless hand held scanner is needed.
MS9540 VoyagerCG Auto Trigger Barcode Reader MS9540 VoyagerCG Auto Trigger Barcode ReaderHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
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The MS9540 VoyagerCG is an advanced single line laser barcode scanner with automatic activation and an intuitive data transmission system which makes use of CodeGate technology from Metrologic.
MS9590 VoyagerGS Handheld Laser Scanner MS9590 VoyagerGS Handheld Laser ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Metrologics MS9590 VoyagerGS is the newest addition to the Voyager series of hand-held laser scanners. The MS9590 is the first Voyager product to feature trigger scanning in a new ergonomic form factor that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue. 
Honeywells MS9590i VoyagerGS hand-held laser scanner delivers a rugged and reliable solution for scanning all standard 1D bar codes in challenging environments. The MS9590i incorporates reinforced housing which is ideal for light industrial and warehousing applications.
Voyager 1200g Book Check Barcode Scanner Voyager 1200g Book Check Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Built on the platform of the worlds best-selling single-line laser scanner, Honeywells Voyager 1200g delivers aggressive scan performance on virtually all linear bar codes, including poor quality and damaged codes.
Voyager 1250g POS Retail Scanner Voyager 1250g POS Retail ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
Honeywells Voyager 1250g single-line laser scanner provides a superior out-of-box experience and aggressive reading of linear bar codes, including those up to 23 inches away.
VoyagerGS 9590 Production Barcode Scanner VoyagerGS 9590 Production Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC)
The 9590 VoyagerGS features a new ergonomic design that maximizes comfort and reduces fatigue for customers desiring a trigger-activated, hand-held laser scanner.


MS6220 Pulsar Triggerless Barcode Scanner MS6220 Pulsar Triggerless Barcode ScannerHONEYWELL (METROLOGIC) (RETIRED PRODUCT) 
When using contact CCDs, the width of the scan field is limited to the width of the face of the scanner requiring manufacturers to offer additional, wider models.
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