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Sabre 1400 Warehouse Distribution Barcode Scanner Sabre 1400 Warehouse Distribution Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
The Sabre 1400 combines the exceptional speed and performance of Intermecs patented Vista TM technology with the range and precision of laser scanners.
Sabre 1550 Undecoded Laser Scanner Sabre 1550 Undecoded Laser ScannerINTERMEC
Rough and tough arent usually equated with comfortable and lightweight. Unless youre talking about the Sabre 1550 and 1551, that is.
Sabre 1551E Integrated Decode Laser Scanner Sabre 1551E Integrated Decode Laser ScannerINTERMEC
The Intermec 1551E is the first Sabre handheld scanner capable of consistently reading both linear and PDF417 codes at high speed.
Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Laser/9745C BS Sabre 1552C Decoded Cordless Laser/9745C BSINTERMEC
The Sabre 1552 Cordless Scanner provides unparalleled flexibility in scanning bar codes. Work is made easier and safer with no cable to damage or become entangled in. Users can take the Sabre 1552 to the work site, up to 50 feet from a MicroBar 9745 RF Base Stationbecause both the 1552 and the 9745 use Intermecs PicoLink wireless personal area network.
Sabre 1553 XLR Extra Long Range Sabre 1553 XLR Extra Long RangeINTERMEC
Intermec reaches new heights with the Sabre 1553 Extra Long-Range (XLR) scanner. Able to scan a 100 mil (2.54mm) bar code from as far away as 35 feet, the 1553 XLR offers more than any other long range Intermec product.
Sabre 1555 Barcode and RFID Reader Sabre 1555 Barcode and RFID ReaderINTERMEC
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The Intermec Sabre 1555 is an extremely powerful data collection device capable of scanning bar codes as well as reading/programming radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and labels.
ScanPlus 1800 Vista Handheld Scanner ScanPlus 1800 Vista Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
The ScanPlusTM 1800 Vista is a high performance CCD and laser technology scanner designed for the added mobility necessary in the retail, health care, office and light industrial environments.
ScanPlus 1802 Vista Cordless Barcode Scanner ScanPlus 1802 Vista Cordless Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
With its innovative design, the ScanPlus 1802 Vista handheld bar code scanner brings cordless technology to the healthcare, retail, office and light industrial environments. 
SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode Scanner SF51 Bluetooth Cordless Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
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a compact, unique scanning device that easily fits in your hand or clipped to your waist. An extremely durable scanner with a wireless personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth communication protocol.
SR30 Handheld Scanner SR30 Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
The SR30 handheld scanner sets a new standard in plug-and-play scanning for Point-of-Service (POS) applications. Designed to automatically adapt to different interfaces, the flexible SR30 is easy to install and equally easy to reconfigure.
SR60 Handheld Scanner SR60 Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
Intermec's SR60 is a tethered, handheld industrial strength laser scanner designed to meet the needs of users who require extra long range scanning. 
SR61 Handheld Scanner SR61 Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
Intermec's SR61 incorporates industry-standard Bluetooth radio technology into a cordless handheld scanner perfect for stand-alone wireless data collection interfacing to Bluetooth-enabled hosts in rugged, industrial environments. 
SR61ex Handheld Scanner SR61ex Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
The first handheld cordless scanner to incorporate Intermec near-far area imaging, the rugged SR61ex delivers unparalleled productivity for warehouse data collection.


ScanPlus1800 Handheld Scanner ScanPlus1800 Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
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The fully featured ScanPlus1800 from Intermec offers a handheld scanning solution for office, healthcare, retail, and light industrial applications.
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