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Z-3072 Image Reader Z-3072 Image ReaderZEBEX
Z-3072, a hands-free barcode scanner for decoding one- and two-dimensional barcode symbologies, the perfect device for fast-moving working environment. 
Z-3192BT Wireless 2D Imager Z-3192BT Wireless 2D ImagerZEBEX
The Z-3192BT Wireless Imager from Zebex gives you technology that is state of the art, allowing you the freedom to scan with a large 100m wireless connection range.
Z-3250 Wireless Imager Z-3250 Wireless ImagerZEBEX
The Z-3250 wireless imager has been designed to provide optimal reading performance and features a wide scanning range as well as Bluetooth 2.1 wireless technology.
Z3152 Series 2D High Density Imager Z3152 Series 2D High Density ImagerZEBEX
The Z-3152 Series guarantees accurate reading and decodes most popular 1D and 2D barcode symbologies that fulfills in all applications with superior performance.
Z3192 Information Kiosk Handheld 2D Imager Z3192 Information Kiosk Handheld 2D ImagerZEBEX
Z-3192 Series is the next generation rugged, gun-type 2D image readers built for tough environments. The new design optimizes functionality and toughness to offer the most complete package in performance and wear resistance. The powerful 2D image reader is perfect for working places that deal with mass information and require strict accuracy, such as healthcare, medical service and information kiosk. Find Z-3192 Series to be the best supporter in your niche markets!
Z3220 Ergonomic Retail Linear Imager Z3220 Ergonomic Retail Linear ImagerZEBEX
The sleek new Z-3220 delivers outstanding scanning performance at a competitive price. Specially designed for first time users, the scanner is ergonomically shaped and employs a field replaceable cable allowing for fast and easy disconnection from the host.
Z6012 Hands-Free 2D Image Reader Z6012 Hands-Free 2D Image ReaderZEBEX
The Z-6012 hands-free 2D image scanner is equipped with powerful 2D scan engine that decode most popular 1D and 2D barcodes with quick and accurate performance.
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