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F77 Hands-Free Imager F77 Hands-Free ImagerUNITECH
The FC77 hands-free imager has been designed for on-counter applications that need a high-performance solution for intensive scanning.
MS336 2D Barcode Imager MS336 2D Barcode ImagerUNITECH
The Unitech MS336 is a versatile scanner and imager all in one lightweight, yet durable device. The MS336 is optimized to read all one-dimensional (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) bar codes as well as capture images and signatures. 
MS337 Warehousing 2D Barcode Imager MS337 Warehousing 2D Barcode ImagerUNITECH
Unitechs innovatively designed MS337 2D rugged image scanner provides for greater business efficiency, reading accuracy and productivity with its fast 2D scanning engine and highly aggressive performance. Its LED flash has virtually no repeated scanning making it highly efficient and competitive in its class by reducing costs and maximizing uptime and limiting downtime.
MS337H 2D Healthcare Barcode Imager MS337H 2D Healthcare Barcode ImagerUNITECH
The Unitech MS337H is a rugged handheld scanner designed specifically for healthcare. This CMOS 2D imager scanner is constructed with an antimicrobial enclosure to provide healthcare professionals with a barcode scanning solution ideally suited for use at the point of care.
MS380 Retail Bluetooth Barcode Imager MS380 Retail Bluetooth Barcode ImagerUNITECH
The MS380s lightweight and ergonomic design is conducive to long hours of scan-intensive operation across various applications. Not only is the CCD scanner designed to feel like an extension of the users arm, but it is built to withstand the demands of the workplace.
MS842 2D Imager MS842 2D ImagerUNITECH
With the Unitech MS842 2D Imager, you get a device that is lightweight and compact yet still packing the power to be an efficient and reliable device.
MS920 Pocket 2D Scanner MS920 Pocket 2D ScannerUNITECH
The MS90 2D pocket scanner from Unitech is a mobile powerhouse designed to be used by your workers in the field.
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