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TFIR-31DM Direct Part Mark Reader TFIR-31DM Direct Part Mark ReaderTOHKEN
The TFIR-31DM fixed reader has been designed with an ultra-compact form and optimized for reading direct part mark codes that have been laser itched or printed on with an inkjet.
TFIR-31N 2D Reader Module TFIR-31N 2D Reader ModuleTOHKEN
The TFIR-31N barcode reader module is a high-performance scanner that is able to read all traditional 1D and 2D symbologies.
THIR-6000B Bluetooth Handheld Scanner THIR-6000B Bluetooth Handheld ScannerTOHKEN
The THIR-6000B handheld scanner is a top-of-the-line barcode scanner with Bluetooth wireless functionality built in.
THIR-6000DM Direct Part Mark Reader THIR-6000DM Direct Part Mark ReaderTOHKEN
The THIR-6000DM handheld reader has been optimized for reading inkjet and laser etch direct part markings.
THIR-6000HU ESD Handheld Reader THIR-6000HU ESD Handheld ReaderTOHKEN
The THIR-6000HU ESD handheld reader has been engineered to meet the stringent requirements of Electrostatic Discharge protected areas.
THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld Scanner THIR-6000RF RFID Handheld ScannerTOHKEN
The THIR-6000RF from Tohken is a hybrid handheld scanner that can read both 1D and 2D barcodes as well as read and write to HF RFID tags.
THIR3000DM Direct Part Mark Reader THIR3000DM Direct Part Mark ReaderTOHKEN
Leading the industry in cost-effectiveness, low power and dependable reading performance, the THIR-3000DM provides the end user with a high degree of reliability ensuring the economic return objectives. 
THIR5000 Bluetooth RFID Barcode Reader THIR5000 Bluetooth RFID Barcode ReaderTOHKEN
The THIR-5000 is a high performance two-dimensional scanner that can read all traditional linear barcodes, stacked 2D symbologies like PDF417.
THIR5000ESD Clean Room Barcode Reader THIR5000ESD Clean Room Barcode ReaderTOHKEN
The THIR-5000 ESD reader has been specifically designed to meet the strict requirements of the ESD protected areas. 
THIR6000 Healthcare Barcode Scanner THIR6000 Healthcare Barcode ScannerTOHKEN
The THIR-6000 1D/2D Scanner-Imager is the evolution at its best as the compact and light weight make it easy to use but yet its durable for every application. 
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