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ScanImage 1470B Imager ScanImage 1470B ImagerINTERMEC
Intermec is proud to offer the ScanImage 1470B imager. Strides beyond our previous imager offerings, the ScanImage 1470B comes packed with powerful features.
SF61B Healthcare Barcode Scanner SF61B Healthcare Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
The SF61B has been designed to make data collection in healthcare easier by changing the design to allow for simple transportation that moves with the worker, opposed to the traditional gun-shaped scanners.
SG10T General Duty Linear Imager SG10T General Duty Linear ImagerINTERMEC
The SG10T is a general duty handheld barcode reader that is affordable, simple and reliable and has been designed just for medium to small sized businesses. This device easily reads all the common 1D barcodes and features a no hassle set up, no wireless connections that need to be configured and no accessories to complete your solution.
SG20 General Duty Imager SG20 General Duty ImagerINTERMEC
The SG20 series from Intermec are high-performance yet affordable general duty imagers and are available in a number of models so that the device can be tailored to whatever countertop application your business needs it for.
SG20 Healthcare 2D Imager SG20 Healthcare 2D ImagerINTERMEC
The SG20 Healthcare series from Intermec are high-performance yet affordable general duty imagers and are available in a number of models so that the device can be tailored to whatever countertop application your business needs it for.
SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode Scanner SR31T Rugged Healthcare Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
The SR31T rugged scanner has been optimized to provide high-performance scanning, ease-of-use, and durability in healthcare applications.
SR61B Harsh Environment Wireless Barcode Scanner SR61B Harsh Environment Wireless Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
The Intermec SR61B Rugged Wireless Handheld Scanner meets the needs of rugged applications in warehouse, distribution center and industrial manufacturing settings.
SR61Bex Near/Far Warehouse Barcode Imager SR61Bex Near/Far Warehouse Barcode ImagerINTERMEC
The Intermec SR61Bex Rugged Wireless Near/Far Handheld Scanner is the first handheld cordless scanner on the market with integrated near/far area imaging technology, offering customers the unparalleled flexibility to read multiple symbologies, omni-directionally at distances of 6 inches to over 50 feet.
SR61HD DPM Direct Part Mark Scanner SR61HD DPM Direct Part Mark ScannerINTERMEC
With Intermec's SR61HD DPM direct part mark scanner featuring optimized optics, you can reliably scan any DPM marks, whether they are etched, cast, or dot peened on a variety of different substrates.
SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld Scanner SR61HP 2D Industrial Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
Intermec's SR61HP industrial handheld 2D handheld barcode scanner allows your business to benefit with its unmatched performance in imaging, all within a rugged form.
SR61T Industrial Manufacturing Handheld Scanner SR61T Industrial Manufacturing Handheld ScannerINTERMEC
Intermec's SR61T family of tethered industrial handheld scanners eliminates the need for multiple devices and substantially reduces the cost of ownership. With a choice of linear, area imager, and laser scanner options, users have both a choice, and the assurance that their scanner will meet any needs presented by their rugged scanning applications.
SR61TXR Long Range 2D Barcode Scanner SR61TXR Long Range 2D Barcode ScannerINTERMEC
The Intermec SR61TXR is a handheld barcode scanner featuring integrated extra long-range area imaging and omni-directional technology that reads linear, matrix and composite bar code symbols from near contact to over 15 meters (50 feet).
SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial Scanner SR61XR Near/Far 2D Industrial ScannerINTERMEC
The SR61XR is Intermec's flagship handheld industrial 2D barcode scanner that eliminates your need to have multiple scanning devices by allowing you to scan extremely near and far codes with high performance - allowing your business to save in the long run.
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