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Z5190 OEM Omnidirectional Hands-Free Scanner Z5190 OEM Omnidirectional Hands-Free ScannerZEBEX
The Z5190 omnidirectional hands-free scanner is equipped with the newest dual-laser engine and decoding technology to provide optimal scanning performance.
Z6112 Hands-Free 2D Imager Scanner Z6112 Hands-Free 2D Imager ScannerZEBEX
The Z6112 Series is a hands-free 2D image scanner designed for applications where available counter space is limited. It also functions as a scan module that can be embedded into any application easily using two mounting holes.
Z6170 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Scanner Z6170 Omnidirectional Hands-Free ScannerZEBEX
The Z6170 is an omnidirectional hands-free scanner equipped with a 20-line scan pattern and a scan rate of 1,400 scans per second that provides extraordinary decoding abilities.
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