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Catcher Presentation Scanner(1)(1) Catcher Presentation Scanner(1)(1)DATALOGIC
The Catcher presentation scanner builds on the performance and reliability of the Diamond presentation scanner. The Catcher uses a state-of-the-art laser scan pattern to provide outstanding read performance for a variety of retail and distribution applications.
Diamond Presentation Scanner Diamond Presentation ScannerDATALOGIC
The Diamond presentation scanner is an excellent value for those seeking good performance in an economical, yet ergonomic design.
GPS4490 2D Presentation Reader GPS4490 2D Presentation ReaderDATALOGIC
The GPS4490 reader comes with a presentation-style body that is available in dark grey or white and comes with all the features you need in a hands-free scanner. Its presentation style allows codes to be scanned hands-free so bulkier items can be handled easier while they are scanned.
Heron Presentation Reader Heron Presentation ReaderDATALOGIC
As an entry level presentation reader, the Heron is packed with features to delight any user and is perfect for large or small retail POS or office applications. Amazingly versatile, this unique reader features an option for integrated EAS tag deactivation and bar code reading in one smooth motion. All Herons feature Datalogics exclusive patented Green Spot for good read feedback directly on the code.
HS1250 Checkout Scanner HS1250 Checkout ScannerDATALOGIC (PSC)
Best All-Around Value. The HS1250 horizontal scanner is an outstanding value for the retailer who demands high performance, quality and reliability at an affordable price. Designed for transaction-intensive environments, an ideal solution for supermarkets, discount, and mass merchandise.
Magellan 1100i Retail Barcode Reader Magellan 1100i Retail Barcode ReaderDATALOGIC
The Magellan 1100i OEM module easily integrates into kiosks, price verifiers or vending machines requiring 1D or 2D code reading. The imaging scan volume is optimized for these OEM applications by providing a large reading area at the window of the module where items are typically presented.
Magellan 800i Omnidirectional POS Barcode Scanner Magellan 800i Omnidirectional POS Barcode ScannerDATALOGIC
Improve your productivity and expand your data collection possibilities at the POS and beyond with the versatile Magellan 800i omnidirectional bar code reader.
POS Duet Barcode Scanner POS Duet Barcode ScannerDATALOGIC (PSC)
One Scanner Does It All! With the Duet scanner, retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale: small items, large bulky items, even items that aren't individually barcoded.
QuickScan Duet Dual Action Scanner QuickScan Duet Dual Action ScannerDATALOGIC (PSC)
With the Duet scanner retailers can now scan anything at the point-of-sale; small items, large bulky items, even items that arent individually bar coded.
QuickScan VS800 Compact Barcode Scanner QuickScan VS800 Compact Barcode ScannerDATALOGIC (PSC)
The VS800 compact scanner was designed specifically for point of sale, where space is always at a premium and where scanner performance is a critical component of efficiency and success.
VS1200 with Electronic Article Surveillance EAS Tag Deactivation VS1200 with Electronic Article Surveillance EAS Tag DeactivationDATALOGIC (PSC)
High Performance. The VS1200 ("VertiScan") from PSC is a true vertical scanner - specifically designed to increase productivity and profitablity wherever vertical scanning is used. Ideal for high-volume food retail markets, the VS1200 reads UPC/EAN/JAN barcodes.
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