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DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation Imager DS9208 Omnidirectional Hands-Free Presentation ImagerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The DS9208 is an omnidirectional imager suitable for a variety of scanning applications, whether it be scanning barcodes printed on paper labels or displayed on a screen.
LS5700 and LS5800 In-Counter POS Scanners LS5700 and LS5800 In-Counter POS ScannersMOTOROLA SYMBOL
High Throughput, Speeds Customers Effortlessly Through Check-out; Small Footprint Saves Valuable Countertop Space. Symbol Technologies introduces the LS 5700 and LS 5800, the new standard in hands-free point-of-sale retail laser scanning.
LS7708 Hands Free Barcode Scanner LS7708 Hands Free Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS7708 Hands Free Barcode Scanner provides users with accurate, quick, and cost-effective scanning. It is ideal for presentation or swipe scanning applications and combines the convenience of hands-free scanning with the versatility of handheld scanning.
LS7808 Horizontal Mini-slot Scanner LS7808 Horizontal Mini-slot ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS7808 Horizontal Mini-Slot Scanner is an in-counter scanner which provides retailers with accurate first-pass scan read rates from almost any angle, allowing them to speed up the check-out process.
LS9100 POS Barcode Scanner LS9100 POS Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Let Your Store Profit from Today's Most Advanced Omni-Directional Scanner. This versatile scanner can read all bar codes, even those that are poorly printed or damaged. Its flexibility and reliability make it a smart investment that can meet your current and future POS scanning requirements.
LS9203 Omni-Directional Presentation Scanner LS9203 Omni-Directional Presentation ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The high-value, cost-effective LS9203 omni-directional bar code scanner enhances profitability by driving more accurate sales transactions and enabling better inventory management.
LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode Scanner LS9203i Omni-Directional Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS9203i is an omni-directional barcode scanner capable and ideal for smaller operations and organizations that are looking for a dependable yet reliable device for data entry.
LS9208 Omnidirectional Projection Scanner LS9208 Omnidirectional Projection ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The LS9208 is a high-speed, omnidirectional projection scanner that can be switched easily between hand-held and hands-free operating modes. A 100-line omni-directional rastering scan pattern allows codes to be quickly captured no matter how they are presented.
LS9208i General Purpose Barcode Scanner LS9208i General Purpose Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
With the LS9208i general purpose barcode scanner save time and costs with the ability to easily switch between hands-free and handheld operation all in one versatile device.
SE9100 Embedded High-Speed Barcode Reader SE9100 Embedded High-Speed Barcode ReaderMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Symbol's new SE 9100 scan engine establishes new levels of performance and convenience for all your high-speed scanning requirements. The SE 9100 provides exceptional performance on bar codes, including highly truncated bar codes with poor aspect ratios.
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