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Carton Dimensioning SystemsCarton Dimensioning Systems
A carton dimensioning system measures a carton’s volume, height, width, and length as it moves over in-motion scales or conveyors in a materials-handling system. A fully automated system consists of a barcode scanner and/or an integrated in-motion scale to weigh, size, and identify cartons.
Compact Line ScannersCompact Line Scanners
This type of fixed-mount scanner transmits a line scan pattern and is an excellent solution for those who require high-speed performance in very compact form to achieve higher efficiency and improved data acquisition in warehouse and industrial environments.
Omni-Directional ScannersOmni-Directional Scanners
Omni-directional hands-free scanners use mirrors and other reflectors to make one laser line into multiple beams at different angles, thus reading barcodes quickly at any angle. Many models of omni-directional units are available for various scanning applications.
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